The Witch of New York 2 A novel

Ellie and her cat Candle are in New York with her parents during a snow storm. When Christmas arrives, she meets Edward the elf, who transports her to the tavern where she meets all kinds of creatures who are dangerous.


1. Ellie-Part One


Ellie watched Candle snoozing by the warm fireplace. The snow was horrible. "Daddy, we're not going anywhere", she said. He walked towards his daughter. "I'm going to shovel the snow, sweetie. Besides, Mom will on-line shop for the week", he said. Ellie, who was wearing her favourite black hat, knew that Halloween was over. She wasn't going to think that Christmas would come early for her family; she was determined not to believe in miracles. She was about to feed Candle when Edward the elf appeared. "My Lady, we're in trouble", he said. Ellie nodded. "I'll take care of Candle, Edward, then we can go to the Regal Tavern​". And he smiled at her. Once Candle was fed, she then grabbed her. Ellie picked her up, then touched the elf's breeches with her left hand. Then, as black smoke appeared near her bed, they were back to a place which was familiar to them.

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