The Witch of New York 2 A novel

Ellie and her cat Candle are in New York with her parents during a snow storm. When Christmas arrives, she meets Edward the elf, who transports her to the tavern where she meets all kinds of creatures who are dangerous.


4. Ellie-Part Four


Ellie was warmed her hands.

She saw several dwarves were asleep.

She grinned to herself, as she noticed their short daggers were nearby. She glanced at them. Then she saw Anton. "My Lady, how are you this eve?", he asked her. "I'm glad to see you, Anton. Let's eat and drink. Then we can deal with the traitors in King Andreas's Court", Anton answered her, mysteriously.

Ellie frowned.

"What kind of traitors?", she asked him.

"Death orcs. They're a rare breed of orc who roam the dark woods", Anton answered her. And she looked around, and knew that she would be in grave danger.

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