The Witch of New York 2 A novel

Ellie and her cat Candle are in New York with her parents during a snow storm. When Christmas arrives, she meets Edward the elf, who transports her to the tavern where she meets all kinds of creatures who are dangerous.


5. Ellie-Part Five


Markham arrived at ​The Regal Tavern.

He saw Ellie was with Candle.

"My Lady, witch. You've been arrested by the order of King Andreas for witchcraft. Please follow me", he said.

"But I haven't done anything", she complained. And she sighed, and headed out of the tavern to the carriage.


The black, iron chains, were fixed to the grey walls. Ellie was chained by her arms...and legs. She squirmed, but she couldn't be freed. "Let me go! Let me go!​", she yelled. Suddenly she heard the sounds of more footsteps. Markham grinned at her. He had long, black hair, brown eyes, and tall. He was dressed in a red coat. His brown breeches glowed in the dimness of the cells; his red boots were shining in the grime. "I wish that all witches weren't as powerful as you are, my Lady", he said. "But a girl. I can't possibly...". Markham laughed. He moved closely towards her. "Lady Anna de Boise is your Great-Great-Great-Great Aunt. She was a witch in the 17th century". Ellie gasped in shock. "And now I have her genes as a witch?", she said. "Yes", Markham added. And she sighed, as said, pleadingly: "I want to leave here", she uttered. And the advisor smiled. "Three hundred gold coins", he said. Ellie prayed to her God. Then, suddenly, she saw Edward. He walked towards her. "Here's the gold, Markham. She's with me", he said. Markham gasped in shock. He then grabbed the keys with his right hand, and opened the cells. "Thank you, Edward", Ellie said. She then rubbed her hands. Then she grabbed Candle, her familiar, and walked out of the cells...and headed to her freedom, leaving Markham to seethe at the idea that Ellie wouldn't die in the cells.

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