Account of a rogue ((OC Story))

A rogue demon has escaped the depths of hell, to move up to the surface and discover new things and aim for more than just a lousy Creating a disguise for herself. Then she comes across a stranded and distressed angel living right next door... she first admires this specimen in curiosity. It then evolved into something more.

Tag along on their adventures with her hellhounds!!


1. How it all began

A demon awoke from her dimly lit bedroom, sitting up on her bed and rubbing her eyes. Her eyes soon adjusted to the light, which shone a blank red. She stretched and looked out of her window, only a dark cavern surrounded by a fire outside, this signaling her to walk over "Great..." She tiredly muttered to herself as she put on her black-rimmed glasses. This means that she has to work today "Natalya Gillimoor"! A yell echoed from downstairs, a deep growl mixed into the disheveled yell. Natalya jumped at this and quickly brushed her bouncy, effervescent chocolate brown hair. She tied it up into a red bobble. Stretching once more she made her way out of her bedroom, watering her cactus before going down. There she was greeted by a muscular body figure. This was her father. His hair flicked up into a quiff, coated a dark brown much like Natalya's. A tufted up stubble resting from his jaw to the tip of his strong chin. He was grasping a cup of coffee in one hand and a smile on his face "Good morning sleepyhead," He greeted and ruffled her hair, making it puff up more. Natalya pouted and tried to sort it out again "Dad! What's gotten your horns in a twist"? She snorted and looked up into the man's eyes with a devious and cocky grin. He wasn't normally that happy, something must be going on; she theorized this until she had gotten an answer. "Watch your mouth young lady! Anyways... I guess you're excited about your new job"? He asked with a massive smile that showed off his grimy, yellow tinted fangs. Confused, she tilted her head "First of all dad, I'm 25, I wouldn't call that young and second of all, I don't have a new job... I'm still working at the mines.." She rolled her eyes "Is this another bad prank of yours dad"? She said with a slight laugh. Her father rolled his eyes back in response, answering "No it's not an awful prank, my pranks are good"! He sighed "I've gotten you a new job at the sewing company," He announced with a massive grin. In response, she just stared at him. Natalya having a massive fear of needles she quivered "Dad... I don't think that's a good idea..." She gulped and looked at him with fear. When she was a small demon one of her brothers poked her with a sharpened black needle, causing her to pass out from blood loss. The black needle is one of the most dangerous ones in the haystack and ever since her fear has grown more and more.

Her father looked at her in a confused manner "Huh? What's so wrong with needles..."? He tilted his head "You have a bloody cactus upstairs for fucks sake..." He slightly yelled, "You are going to that job in the next hour if you like it or not"! His eyes turned a dark black, his voice echoing throughout the house. This caused her hellhounds to awake from a peaceful slumber with a loud array of barks from her room "See what you've done"? She groaned. Walking away from her father in a fit. She huffed and puffed "I'm fed up with his bullshit..." She muttered as she went over to her hounds, gently stroking their heads "It's okay Jake... Scruffy don't bite your brothers tail.." She rolled her eyes with a small chuckle. The hounds scratching behind their ears. Natalya looked around her bedroom. fashion books scattered around the white and red painted room. Her desk was bombarded with old messages from her mother. Who sadly got decapitated by a savage hellhound. She sighed and grabbed a bag from her closet. Ever since her mother died she always wanted to run away from home. Although that would break her father's heart she didn't care. She wanted to make her own decisions. She quickly wrote up a note on a spare sheet of paper from her notebook, writing: 

"Dear dad, by the time you read this, or if you even read it at all I'll be long gone... I've always wanted to get away from this.. hell! Sure you're nice sometimes but you still treat me like a child when I'm an adult! I'm fed up with it... I hope you have a good time without my presences in your life... Love from Nat," 

She placed the paper on the bed. She was really doing this. Running away from her imprisonment. She looked over at her hounds and decided to take them with her. Packing up her clothes, notebooks, and various other essentials. Natalya paused for a second before looking back at the window. Nodding to herself she looked back at the hounds. They stood up and panted softly, drooling slightly. She chuckled and quietly opened the window, her dogs jumping out first. It wasn't that much of a fall so they were alright. She quickly followed and closed the window. Since she worked in the mines she knew every shortcut out. Natalya soon found herself between two routes. One clear and hassle-free, the other having barbed and crumbling rocks. She smirked and saw this as a challenge. running towards the more dangerous way with an outburst of confidence and energy. She tucked her wings in and decided to bounce and saw through the towers of rocks, her hounds soon following. 

Natalya jumped onto a high rock near the exit of the cave. Greeted with a breathtaking view of the place. She sighed and sat there with her hounds, contemplating everything and questioning herself on her decisions... Would she get caught? Where would she go? Now that she was considered a rouge from running away from home she didn't exactly plan where she was going to go... Maybe the surface? The surface was forbidden and sadly one of her only choices, that or below hell which was even worse.. screams and begs for help could echo through those caves for days... 

She made her way towards the exit, jumping down off of the rock and gently tapping the walls, them getting a stone texture as she walked down a pathway, vines weaving through the stonework. Her hell hounds turned into human breeds of dogs, to disguise themselves from the world. Their existence should not be known


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