The StoneWall Academy for Magical Deliquents

The story of Evan, Bandit, Mallory and Zero in their magical world of Nework.


1. player one start

E. Hoffman POV


my room was dark. I held the blanket close to my chest and stared at the clock in front of me. 4:59 AM. I started getting antsy. only a couple more seconds...

rising up back on the street did my time took my chanc-

I turned off the alarm and threw the covers off of my bed and onto the floor. I jumped out of bed and quietly slid into the kitchen. I grabbed bread from the pantry and jammed it into the toaster. I waited quietly for a minute. When the (burnt) toast popped up, I grabbed it and put it on my special birthday plate. I smothered pink frosting all over it, throwing sprinkles on it, too, for good measure. 

I was just about to bite into my croast(cake + toast = croast, get over it) when mother walked in. she looked tired and just stared at me. 

"Evan, why are you eating frosting covered toast in the dark at five in the morning? you know we were getting your cake later. also, its five in the morning."

"Mom, I know theres still four hours until my appointment, but its my birthday!"

She walked behind me and ran her fingers through my dark hair. I looked up at her, and her flavor was the same as it has always been; ground coffee and sugar.

She looked at the each of the lights and they turned on, one by one. "Evan, you're fourteen now. Surely, you can be more mature."

My sisters filed into the room, one by one, and each stared at me strangely. The oldest child, the pride and joy of our family, sauntered into the room, trailing dirt all over the floor. 

"Daniel, I told you to leave your shoes outside!" Mother said. he opened his hand, and a flame appeared. he looked smug as the smallest sisters awed and ooed.

"Mother, if I can do this, why should I leave my shoes outside? Seems kind of irrelevant when I can just burn the dirt."

Christine, my only older and favorite sister, sent drops of water to his hand. When that didn't work, she conjured a bucket of ice water and poured it over his hand. 

"Chris, the heck?" he screamed? She folded her arms and looked away. I felt my heart sink at my only older siblings showing off their magical abilities. I was 14 and had showed no magical signs.

Apparently, mother noticed my sudden sadness, and slammed her hands on the table. 

"I did not raise my children to show off. Christine, Daniel, Evan, go get ready for your assessments. Everyone else, back to bed. Go, go," she sighed and rubbed her temples. All the other girls left, giggling. Soon, it was just me, Christine, Daniel, and our mother. 

"Evan, my son, go get ready," she said and I walked to the door. "Look presentable," she shouted as I left. I walked through the empty hallway to the very end and made a left. down another hallway was my room. I grabbed my only nice shirt from a drawer by the door and pulled it over my head. I put on a clean pair of jeans and grabbed a comb. my hair was incredibly short; its shaved every year for the new school year. 

I ran back to the kitchen putting my shoes on. Christine's voice faded out as I entered the kitchen. 

Mother looked up.

"Evan, baby, I'm walking with you to take your test. You, Chris, and Daniel will take the test together. Sound fun?" She fake smiled. 

"Yeah, sure," I said, grimacing. 

She opened the front door and let the three of us pass before closing and locking the door behind her. 

We walked the eight miles to the convention center. Four other families milled around. I saw a girl from my classes, Mallory, but decided not to talk to her. She didn't like me anyway. 

Me, mother, Christine and Daniel sat in a row of chairs against the wall inside. Neon blue letters floating above the roof repeatedly read 'Magikal Abilities Test today for Sector 9-14'. 

We all sat against the wall for four hours. I, however, didn't notice. I watched the other sectors enter the big conference room and exit either looking happy or extremely disappointed. 

"Sector 14, families Hoffman, Lerma, and Corlynne. I repeat, Sector 14, families Hoffman, Lerma, and Corlynne, meet in Conference Room B for your yearly Magikal Abilities test."

I stood up and looked nervously at my mom. She looked as nervous as I felt. I followed my siblings and as they stood tall and confident, and trying my best to copy, looked cowardly in comparison. They pushed open the door, and there was the Conference Hall.

This was it. 


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