The devil's pet

Kai soul is sold to the devil for the money her farther can't pay. Will she be able to get her soul back or will she always be the devil's pet?


3. school part 2

Kai's POV

Why if this guy watching my? Did I get something on my shirt or something?"Hey take a picture it will last longer,"I said to him.

"Sadly I don't have a camera,"he said smiling to him self. Who the fuck does this guy think he is!

"What a creep,"I said seating down next to him.

Cole's POV

"A creep, is that the best you've got?"I asked. I want to know if she as bad ass as she seems. It was dead silence for the rest of the time. I don't get her at all, I mean mortals are suppose to have emotion, but she just does nothing at all! She isn't nice, mean, or even evil. Finally after a long time finally school was over. I walked to my house and put the keys on the key ring, but something was off. It was like someone was in here. I looked around an then I saw it a portal had been opened. 

"Who the hell is here!"I asked knowing it had to be her.

"Ahhh.... my lovely son is started to become powerful,"My mother said seating on my couch.

"What do you want?"I asked.

"I have this guy who owes me his first born's soul,"she said smiling. she stood up and made the portal.

"Oh! by the way you can keep that soul for's of the highest quality,"My mother said before jumping throw the portal. Why me!!!!!!!

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