The devil's pet

Kai soul is sold to the devil for the money her farther can't pay. Will she be able to get her soul back or will she always be the devil's pet?


2. school part 1

Cole's POV

Who ever the hell she was she was bad ass and knew it too. I mean the principle was scared of her. But there was one thing I knew, I wanted her soul and no one was going to stop me.

~Next day~

Kai's POV

"Kai the principle is going to kill you today!"Angel told me.

"I know,"I said.

"Well I better go and get to school,"Angel said. It had been 3 hour since she had been gone and I was bored. So I decided to go to school for a change. I got on my leather jacket and boots. I then headed to my bike put on my helmet. I rode for what felt like seconds and maybe it was at the speed I was going. As I pulled up fast. I could see almost everyone was at lunch so I waited a little longer for the parking spot I wanted. And then did a fast turn into the spot. Everyone watched with a smiles on there faces. And I thought to myself this is way I ride a motorcycle. I got off my bike and carried my helmet in my hands. Then I grabbed my headphones from inside my backpack and put them on. I walked straight through a big crowd of people who were now moving to either side of my. I walked down the hallway to my locker without having to move myself. Wow people here are dumb. I put my helmet in my locker along with my backpack, but before I left I grabbed a mechanical pencil and my schedule. I walked down the hallway until I found the right room number. They were in class and the teacher was in a big discussion about something no one cared about. I opened the door and walked in slowly. I stood in front of the teacher for a second an then she finally noticed me standing there.

"Who are you?"she asked spiting a little at me.

"I'm Kaiser Orihara,"I said smiling.

"Your late,"she said glaring at me.

"Sorry?"I asked.

"Just go sit by Cole,"she said. Cole waved his hand in the air. I walked over there and sat down.

Cole's POV

When Kai sat down I could feel her soul. It was pure. It was so weird, because I have never felt a soul so pure. And with the personality she has it makes no sense. 





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