The devil's pet

Kai soul is sold to the devil for the money her farther can't pay. Will she be able to get her soul back or will she always be the devil's pet?


1. bad girl

Cole's POV

​"Cole when are actually going to have a soul protecting you?"Zen asked.

​"When you get a girlfriend,"I replied back. Then there was a big noise coming from the principle's office. We all gathered around the office and as I moved Brie started to walk are next to me. She grabbed my hand, but I let go.

She looked up at me and said,"Why did you do that.""Aren't we dating?"she asked.

"No I don't date,"I said. Zen looked at me and then at the opening door. Out came a white haired angel named Angel I know not obvious at all. And what I mean by angel is that she's angel like a really one. She's not my type.

"I didn't do that!"Angel yelled.

"Then who put up all these sticky notes?"the principle asked.

"I did!"someone yelled.

"Come out where I can see you!"the principle yelled in anger.

"Aw, that would take the fun out of it,"that person said."But fine,"that person said.

The crowd split in half as a girl with long black hair and white eyes walked. She was beautiful and all the other guys were blushing and smirking. Evan Zen was and then I noticed I was too.

"Who are you?"the principle asked.

"Your worst nightmare,"she said with a smirk on her face.

"Kai orihara!"he yelled. She looked at him for a minute and then evilly grinned.

"What are you doing here?"he asked scared.

"I now go to your I decided to give you a little surprise in your office,"she grinned.

"detention after school for a week,"the principle said after staring at her for awhile.

"Thanks now I can torture some of the teachers too,"she smiled."Now Angel lets go,"she said trowing a helmet at Angel.

"Ok,"she smiled. They walked through the crowd like it was nothing. Then she help Angel on the bike and then got on herself putting on a all black helmet. Angel held on tightly to her and for a minute I wished I was in her place. Wow I actively wanted to be an angel. But before she left she told the principle,"I would watch what you say to me and my friend, because you might end up dead in a ditch."



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