The Ones Who Stood Out

There are two girls who have stood out there whole lives because they are different but the people don´t know how different they really are.


1. The ones who stood out

¨Get up loser!¨ ¨Ugh what do you want?"I said. ¨We have to go to school.¨ Abby said. ¨But why everyone hates us?" I protested. ¨True, but we still need to go. So get dressed! Abby yelled. ¨Fine I said as I went to my closet I picked out a plain black t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a red plaid long sleeve shirt to tie around my waist and went into my bathroom to get ready I brushed my teeth and hair and got in the shower then got dressed.By the time I got out, Abby was already dressed in a Panic! at the Disco shirt and dark jeans. Let's go she said, I put on my shoes and grabbed my backpack. We started our long walk to school. After thirty minutes of walking, we reached the school. ¨Shit, we're late.¨ Abby said we ran into the school and put the stuff we didn´t need into our lockers and we ran to homeroom.

¨You are late!¨ the teacher yelled as we took our seats, "Sorry Mrs. Stella we said in unison." ¨hmph.¨ she said. "Well, I hope you have the homework." She said while raising an eyebrow. Abby and I both pulled out our homework she walks to us and snatched the homework from our hands well your handwriting hasn´t improved, but, all the answers seem to be correct a surprise coming from you two. Now that you are done interrupting my class may I continue teaching?" said the teacher. Abby started to say something under her breath and Mrs.Stella turned around so fast her wig fell off the whole class started snickering "Shut up!" Mrs.Stella yelled as she put her wig back on. Now, what was that you said?" Mrs.Stella asked. Abby put on a fake smile and said: "Sorry for interrupting you." Mrs.Stella continued teaching the class something about cells I wasn´t paying attention, I was watching Abby make Mrs. Stella's shadow look like a pig. Oh, did I forget to mention Abby and I have abilities? Abby controls shadows she can make shadows look like different things if she wanted she could make a shadow punch someone. Me, on the other hand, I can start fires with my mind, I can make the room or one person really hot, to the point I can make there blood boil or simply set them on fire. Our powers are the reason we escaped the place where we got them. No one knows we have powers but they know we are  'freaks' as they call us because of our eye colors. Abby's eyes are pitch black and mine are blood red. I threw a piece of paper at Abby she opened it. It said are you trying to get us caught? What if someone sees. She scribbled something on it and tossed it to me I opened it and it said to stop worrying no one will see I looked at her and mouthed fine then the bell rang I grabbed my stuff and left before Mrs.Stella could stop me and yell at me for my handwriting or some other dumb thing. What class do we have next? "Math." Abby said. Yay, our math teacher actually likes us! "Yeah, let's go." We headed to math and we took our seats.

Britney and Jessica walked in and sat right in front of us we are sitting at a four-person table so they are facing us. "Look it´s a vampire and a demon!" Jessica said, "Look its two clowns!" I replied rudely. "Alright, settle down." said Mr.Wixon. "So today we are going to watch a video on quadratic equations!" He turned off the lights and turned on the projector I pulled out my note book and begain to draw the mountion and the night sky. Jessica and Britney were staring at us like we were some freaks until Abby said ¨What are you looking at?¨ ¨ Freaks¨ Jessica said. ¨ shut the crap up!¨ I said ¨Make us.¨ Britney cocked her head intimidatingly. I could see Abby forming a shadow behind them so I put my hand on her hand the shadow disappeared. "Ooh look they're holding hands!" said Jessica. I was getting really tired of this. I made the air around Jessica and Britney so hot they now had pit stains in their shirts. Abby was holding back a smile. "Uh, you got something there," I said as I pointed to their shirts. "What happened?!" They yelled. "Is something wrong?" Mr.Wixon said as he walked to where we were sitting ¨Turn the heat off, will you?¨ Jessica demanded. "Um, first of all, watch your tone, second of all it´s forty degrees in here." Mr.Wixton said looking at their pit stains ¨But if you like I can give you a hall pass for the nurse, I think she may have some deodorant.¨ Mr.Wixton said handing them both a hall pass I looked at Abby she was nearly in tears from laughing. "Ugh." I said. Britney and Jessica, they snatched the hall passes and headed out the door Mr.Wixton headed back to his desk and continued grading papers. ¨That was awesome!¨ Abby whispered to me. ¨I know right." I whispered back. The bell rang. Yay! Now to the hellhole: the feared Gym! dun dun duuuunn!" Abby said to me as we gathered our things and went to our lockers and headed to the gym.

¨Well that was horrible.¨ Abby said ¨Agreed.¨ I said. "Oh no... here comes Chad!" Abby said. "Wait, the guy who bullied me throughout seventh grade and didn´t bother to even remember me?!" I said. "Yup. That guy." Abby said he walked up to me put his arm on the wall as if he was posing and he said ¨You know, you would look cute if you didn´t have all them piercings in your ears." "And you would look cute if you didn´t have all that!" I said as I pointed to his face. "But that's my face..." He said, confused. "Exactly." I said as I grabbed Abby arm and walked away. The rest of the day was like any other, horrible. Until it was time to go home. When we arrived there were two boys I didn´t reconize standing infront of our door. "Uh do you know them?" I whispered to Abby. "Not a clue..." she whispered back. "Well, this is going to be fun."

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