The Ones Who Stood Out

There are two girls who have stood out there whole lives because they are different but the people don´t know how different they really are.


2. chapter two

  As we walk to our apartment the boys looked up at us and waved casually like they weren´t strangers showing up at our apartment. ¨Who the hell are you?" Abby yelled defensively as we approached them. ¨Can we go inside and talk?¨ One of the boys said. "No way!" I said, "Do you expect me to let two complete strangers in our house?! Now, would you please leave before I call the police."  "Hear me out, ok? We're from the same place you are." The boy on the right said. "What are you talking about?" Abby questioned. "The lab." The boy on the left said. My expression turned to complete shock, I looked over at Abby, she was in total disbelief. "Yeah, sure. If you are from the lab we have some questions." We went inside and sat on the couch.

"Wow. How did you get an actual apartment?" one of the boys asked. "We got jobs." I said plainly. First question: What are your names?" "I'm Mat." said the boy on the right he was wearing a plain gray t-shirt and jeans his blond hair looked like it had not been combed in a while. Abby was just sitting there, death-staring them both. The one on the left said his name was Andy. He wore basically the same thing as Mat they both looked about our age. Mat´s eyes were abnormally green. "Ok. If you are really from the lab, prove it. What did they do to us when we misbehaved?" "They stabbed our right leg." they said in unison and showed us their scars. "Ok. So what are your powers?" "Well, I can control water." Andy said. "And I can control plants." Mat said. "Prove it." Abby looked them right in the eyes, "Do something."Ok." Mat stood up. "Do you have a plant anywhere?" "Uh yeah." I said as I went to my room and grabbed an un-blossomed flower. Mat shut his eyes tightly, soon the flower bloomed. "My turn." Andy said and a ball of water formed above Abby´s head. "So help me if you pop that on my head-" just as she said that the bubble popped on her head "OH, YOU'RE GONNA GET IT NOW!" Abby yelled as she said it a shadow formed behind Andy and slapped him across his face. "Ow!" Andy yelled and the part on his face where Abby's shadow slapped him turned bright red. "Woah..." Mat said. "Well, now we know what she can do." Andy said while he was rubbing his face. Abby went to the bathroom to dry off. "So, what can you do?" Mat said as he looked at me. I held out my hand and it lit on fire. "So that's what you can do..." "Tell us your story." I said. "Our story?" Mat asked. "Yeah." I said. "Ok then. I will begin at the lab, I don´t remember much from when I got my powers, just that I was in pain as they hooked a tube with weird green stuff inside it up to my arm. The next day I woke up in a prison-like place and a man coming every day. He would take me to the lab where I got my powers and draw my blood and do experiments on me. Some days he would bring other men to watch me use my powers. One day he brought me a man with a bag on his face and told me to strangle him with vines. I told him no and he stabbed my right leg and told me to do it or else he would stab me again so I did when I got back to my prison I saw the man come back with a boy my age and he threw him into my cage and it turns that was Andy. I don´t remember my life before the lab but I know the basics of the outside world."  So how do you know about us and how did you find us?" I asked as Abby came back with a towel wrapped around her head, looking pissed off. "Well we mostly overheard the scientists talking about two girls who escaped, and we decided to find them." "So how did you find us?" Abby asked. "Well, you know how you can sense when you are around each other or someone with powers? We just used that sense to find you." Andy shrugged. "Well do you have anywhere else to go?" Abby said. "Nope." said Mat. "Can I talk to you for a second?" Abby said while pulling me away from the boys. "They can not stay here!" Abby whispered. "We have a guest bedroom." I said. "But we don't even know them! For all we know, they could be spies from the lab!" Abby's voice raised. I hope the boys couldn't hear us. "But they have nowhere else to go. Remember when we were in that situation?" I said, "They could be homeless. They are  homeless!"  My voice raised, they're heads turned toward us a bit, so I lowered my voice. "What about school?" I said, "They could come with us. "Fine." Abby said, "But we have to go to work and we can´t just leave them here." "Then we will bring them with us." I said. "Do you like coffee?" I turned and asked the boys. "Alex! No!" Abby yelled. "We work at a cafe they could just sit there until our shift is over! Come on, let´s go. ¨I said as I headed to get my phone and house key. ¨Come on! we´re going to be late!¨ Abby got up so did Mat and Andy. We headed out the door and began to walk to work.

¨Ugh, how far do we have to walk?¨ Mat whined. ¨Farther.¨ I said. ¨You do this every day?¨ asked Andy. ¨Yup.¨ I said. ¨Well, that sucks.¨ Mat said. ¨Yup.¨ I sighed after twenty minutes of walking we reached the outdoor mall that our little cafe was in we walked in and the first thing we heard was our boss yelling: ¨You´re late!¨ ¨Sorry.¨ Abby and I grabbed our aprons. Andy and Mat sat down at a table. After 3 hours of working our shift was over. As we headed home the boys asked a lot of questions like ¨Do you have phones?¨ ¨Yes.¨ ¨Can we have phones?¨ ¨If you can pay for them.¨ ¨Okay.¨ When we arrived home it was already eleven. ¨We should go to sleep soon. We have a guest bedroom with one bed, so you will have to share.¨ When they went into their room Abby locked them in. ¨Why did you do that?¨ I asked. ¨Because if I didn´t they could come into our room at night and murder us.¨ I let out a sigh. ¨Let´s go.¨ We went our bathroom brushed our teeth and changed into our pajamas. We went into our room, Abby got into her bed and I got into mine. ¨Do you really trust them?¨ Abby questioned. ¨I don´t know. They seem to be from the lab everything they described was true and they obviously have powers but I think all of this unhuman like energy may let the lab know where we are so I don´t think they can stay here. They can start their own lives like we did, but they will have to go to school with us tomorrow.¨ ¨That will be interesting.¨ ¨Yup. Lets go to sleep now.¨ I said ¨Yeah.¨ Abby said and we went to sleep.

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