Woodgrove: Awake

The wind rustled the leaves on the trees. A tall building with stained glass windows was hidden in the grove of trees. Peaceful, but out of place. Almost as if it were never really there.


1. Prologue

The room was large, so much so that you couldn’t see the books from the other side. There were large doors on both sides with red, black, brown, and grey dusty books surrounding them. The floor was red with gold pecs in the carpet and the walls had painted trees on them. They changed with the seasons. Right now, it was the end of winter and the beginning of spring and the tree was budding with beautiful pink flowers. The room often changed sometimes it was circular and sometimes it was rectangular. Special days, a triangle. Right now, a long rectangle.

My long brown hair flowed behind me as I️ walked down the corridor. I️ walked into the corner of the library. That is where I️ kept the rooms for those spirits who stay in the library and it is also where I stay. The bathroom was on the other side of the library and it often made for an inconvenient night. I️ looked in the mirror, my name, right above it was printed in cursive letters. Eieta. The mirror was dusty and I️ could see only a rough reflection of my face. My eyes were dark because of lack of sleep and the usual look of restlessness was on my face. I️ am always so nervous, and always so tired.

I️ often find myself inside one of the books. That is my whole life. For my whole life of 19 years all it has ever been is books. You see, I️ never had any parents. I️ had been left here for the spirits to raise. What is this place you ask- this, is the Grove Library.

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