Home Coming

A funny thing happened,
I woke up in a peculiar place with no memory...and a ghost with a grudge hot on my heels.
The whole place breathes dread and seems to suck the life out of you if you remain too long.
How can I escape this nightmare when even the elements bend to his will?


2. No One Leaves

I felt like I had been walking down this hallway forever, It seemed the further I got my impatience grew stronger-by this point I had tried the handle of 7 or more doors thinking one of them would lead me to a way out but all of them were locked.


Finally! I whispered under my breath seeing something in the distance other than the dreary walls and locked doors. It appeared to be a side table holding a vase of long dead flowers, and beside the vase lay a key, a small brass key. It reminded me of one my grandmother had, had. Upon remembering this- I felt a rush of glee. I hadn't even been trying to remember my life at that moment, It had just sort of, popped up in my head without prompting. And I was glad. Maybe I had simply hit my head and gotten a concussion?- If only I could get to an exit I'm sure I would be able to focus on my memory properly and then I would be alright. Though, the key didn't look like it would fit any of these doors- but still, I decided to try it on the door directly to the right of the table.

I tried the key in the lock- and just as I suspected- the key was way too small to fit this door.


I let out a sigh of disappointment. ''Obviously- this key is useless'' I thought whilst carelessly dropping the tiny object back onto the table. It pinged loudly against the surface and rattled around until it finally rested still. Absent-mindedly I pushed down the door handle and, to my utter astonishment I realised the door wasn't even locked to begin with!.

It clicked down easily and made a swooshing sound as it opened in on the thick carpet. Cautiously, I peeked my head around the door and peered into the room before stepping fully inside.


The room was dank and bare, with stained walls and the carpet was a dirty grey one.

It didn't look like this room had ever been used for anything,

I noticed, a grubby white door on the other side, which I readily walked towards when I got closer to it, I noticed the edges of the door and it's frame were covered in dirty finger prints. I found this door unlocked too.


To my dismay, I saw it lead down another dark set of stairs. I was beginning to feel like I was trapped in a nightmare.


Normal houses don't have random creepy staircases do they?


I ignored the grim feeling I had and slowly, I descended the stairs pausing after every couple. Hoping I wouldn't end up back in the cellar again. I shuddered at the thought and then I felt my heart almost stop and a lump of anxiety began to ache in my throat as I thought back to that terrifying shadow man I had run away from. What if he is following me? I began to panic, looking behind me and all around as best I could on this near pitch black staircase. I had forgotten which way they were leading. I thought they were leading down, But- When I got to the top- I found myself inside a very dark and uncomfortably cramped ingress with each of it's sides contained a narrow door made of what appeared to be dark wood. I eyed each door suspiciously noting all three of the doors looked identical to each other right down to the polished silver doorknobs. I thought it strange that whoever owned this house took great care to keep the doorknobs sparkly while the rest of the house was left to dilapidate.

Who the hell even built this place? I wondered angrily wanting only to find the way outside.


Without further hesitation, I grasped the handle to the door on my left. It was cold and large enough that I could only just manage to curl my fingers around it so that my fingertips could touch I turned the handle and it clicked open almost silently but when I pushed open the door, an icy blast of wind went by, almost blowing me over and back down the staircase.

Ignoring it, I continued inside and gasped when the door slammed shut with a loud bang echoing throughout the room.


This room was large with floor to ceiling windows and had white painted walls, the paint was peeling in some of the corners, but this was by far the nicest room I had found yet.


There were a few tables with white clothes covering them dotted around and I guessed this may be a dining room or ballroom. The floor was made of mirrored glass making the room appear larger. I had never seen such a place before and couldn't help but wonder who might own such a curious house.


I looked up, and found the entire ceiling glistened and sparkled like the floor, but the glass in the ceiling was not mirrored. There were 3 magnificent chandeliers hanging from the glass.


I imagined music playing and I must have been visualising very well- because within moments I could swear the music was real! An enchanting melody echoed through the room with it's high and fragile ceiling and upon opening my eyes, I was astounded to find the room full of people. Men and women, all dressed up in their best. Couples danced to the notes and seated at the tables, which no longer were covered- were people chattering and laughing. There were men standing around drinking from large brandy glasses and I wrinkled up my nose at the strong smell of cigar smoke being emitted from the brandy drinkers.


How could this be? I wondered. Moments ago I was all alone, and now this...

Off to the far right corner of this grand territory was a lady, Though old she still had her beauty. Her hair was arranged in neat, silvery curls falling down one shoulder, she wore a fine gown of pale silks and laces but she still seemed out of place, as if she were observing from behind a Payne of glass. She didn't seem to be in time with the other party-goers.


She looked up from the table and I began to feel nervous as her eyes fixed on me. I don't know how long she stared at me but I felt compelled to approach her and ask where the exit was, I headed straight to her-taking care not to get in the way of the dancers.

The closer I got to the woman, the more fearful I felt. Once I was close enough that I could speak to her directly, I noticed her eyes. They were unnerving. Pale, and lifeless. ''Sit'' she said gesturing to the chair right next to me. while her dead looking eyes picked at me. I obeyed. ''I'm sorry to bother you'' I stuttered timidly, trying to ignore my repulsion before asking her the way out. The woman smirked and shook her head. ''No one leaves until he says so''.

''Until who says so?'' I asked impatiently, vexed and frightened.

''I think you need a drink, dear'' said the corpse eyed woman in sickly sweet singsong voice. ''Time passes faster when you don't fight him, Haven't you learned yet?''


I swore and got to my feet.''I haven't got time for this- I need to go home''

The lady's face filled with pity ''What has happened to you?, You are already home?''

''No'' I snapped.''I don't know where I am!. I don't know who lives here!''

I went off on a tirade, blurting out everything I had experienced here so far.


''He'll hear you!'' the other woman hissed, her voice obviously quivering.

By now, I was off on one, and unable to stop.

''I don't care if he hears me!'' I yelled at the top of my voice, allowing my rage to come out finally.

Then, a great, howling wind filled the room, it felt like a tornado tearing around the place, upsetting furniture. I saw that all of the people, including the old woman had vanished. I panicked, I ran this way and that, attempting to dodge flying chairs. A deafening crashing came from all around as the glass ceiling came down. I managed to take safety for a short time underneath one of the tables until that too was whipped up by the gale.


''Stop!'' I shrieked ''What the fuck is happening here?''. By now, My temper had been replaced by my want of survival. I was going to get out and this thing, whatever it is- will not stop me.

There was a momentary lull in the wind and I used took it as an opportunity to leg it back out the door I had entered, slamming it shut behind me.

I sighed with relief and sat down on the top step so I could take a moment to decide what I should do, Would the ballroom even still be there if I dared to look? After all that though, I wasn't going to chance it, that door was gonna stay closed!.


My gaze drifted to the other doors now, I swallowed and took a couple deep breaths. I had zero desire to explore, but I knew I had to pick a door other wise sit here forever- And I have no intention of being here forever.

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