One ordinary plane trip went crashing down, killing everyone on board including the Lowrance siblings, Ashton and Adriane. When they wake up in Elysium, a place where there's life after death, they are told they have a second chance to be back on earth if only they prevent their death from happening. Training hard and becoming powerful angels, Ashton and Adriane are preparing for an incredulous journey to stop their death to live a normal life and be free. With Secrets, betrayal and conflict, can Ashton and Adriane prevent their death or be dead and forgotten forever?


1. Chapter 1

Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this first chapter!😄  

Adriane gazed out the window and scanned her eyes along the milky white clouds. The scorching sun glared down at her from the light blue sky and through the clouds. The dark shadow of the plane raced down the creamy clouds only disappearing when a big gap broke the clouds apart. Adriane took quick glimpses at the tall spiked buildings below her and stared in shock at the amazing view. Tiny cars weaved between the busy roads of London, brown lakes swarming underneath towering bridges and the countless houses huddled together like penguins in the freezing cold. London. Those words gave a huge leap in her heart. She was finally here. 

"Ash! Ashton wake up!"She said harshly to a boy seated next to her with deep brown wavy hair and pale skin. He wore a bright red sweater, white bold letters woven into it reading: 'Admit it... Life would be so boring without me.'  This quote always made her laugh inside even though she had seen it countless of times since he wore it almost about every day. His head was laid back against the headrest of the seat and his eyes were shut.  Adriane could see the similarities between Ashton and her, the same oval-shaped head, curved cheekbones, long lashes and wavy chestnut hair.  The only difference was his toned muscles penetrating through his red sweater. Adriane was used to the girls chasing after him and the constant ring of his phone from the countless girls who wanted to call him. Most of these girls were the 'popular, snobbish girls' which unfortunately Adriane disliked. She disliked how they all huddled in massive groups roaming around the school like a pack of wolves who hunted down the most handsome boys to date.  Ashton jumped in fright in his seat, knocking his knee against the small table in front of him, his glass of water swishing on an open sports magazine and onto the table. He cursed under his breath and began dabbing a tissue along the table. 

"Adriane, don't scare me like that again," He muttered angrily.

"Oh... I thought you never got scared," Adriane bragged. Ashton didn't seem to hear her since he was too busy cleaning up the mess on the table. Remembering what she woke up Ashton for, Adriane's face lit up brightly her eyes shining.

"We're here now, in London!"  She could see the turn of heads around them at the loud announcement and Adriane felt heat rush up her face. She knew her strong American accent had come out too loudly and British people glared at them examining them up and down. She had missed her old American fellow's and felt the sudden rush of homesickness in her belly. But she brushed it off quickly tilting her head up. She was supposed to enjoy this three week holiday with her brother and to explore the rest of the world. 

"What? Where here already?" Ashton said bewildered.    Adriane watched him as he leaned over her and out toward the window, placing a hand on the table in front of Adriane, a black journal opened with messy handwriting covering the pages. 

"Oh, thank god," He muttered to himself.  "I really thought it was going to take another hour or two."

"Get off my stuff Ash." She snapped, shoving him off. She was afraid of him seeing the secret thoughts and the dizzying obstacles in her life written in squiggly handwriting, one might mistake for some preps diligent handwriting, but it created a sense of ingenuity and initiative.  She just needed some space to get the hectic mess out of her head and to let the journal keep and worry about her thoughts this time. Ashton sighed heavily, and Adriane could just see the pupils of his eyes move and knew his eyes were rolling in irritation. Maddening Ashton was always a dangerous move to do since Ashton was older than her and he had every right to have control over her like a puppeteer. But since they were on a plane he didn't react. She continued to gaze out the window, entranced at the stunning view.    




 Ashton sat upright in his seat and gazed around the plane at the people chattering softly to one after, at the little children who played games with their hands, their high pitch squeals piercing his ears. He gazed down at his sports magazine, damp and grey the black ink smudged. He was looking forward to showing his dad the new sports tops on sale, but he didn't think his dad could comprehend what was in the magazine since it was dampened by water. He was going to be gone for three weeks and it was about time for him to start getting back into the sport, his body felt like an old toy that hadn't been used, stuffed in an old shed where the roofs creaked every time a gust of wind blew atop of it. He was looking forward to seeing the new world and experience the cold icy weather. There was a loud crinkle and a slight pop next to him that gave a sign that Adriane was opening a packet of salt and vinegar chips. Disappointment flooded him. 

"Adriane how many packets have you eaten?"  He asked with concern in his voice. He wanted it to sound he like he was concerned, so Adriane would know he was concerned about her. Sometimes Ashton thought Adriane didn't think he cared about her and that thought pained him like a knife through his skin.

"What? Like two." She said simply, a hint of irritation in her voice. But Ashton knew that voice and face ever since she stole his favourite bouncy ball when he was seven and she was five. He had forced the truth out of her and she finally gave in, her face falling from holding up those lie. Adriane had been putting on weight recently, he could see how her face had grown rounder and her hips had expanded. Every day when they came home from school, Adriane would go upstairs with stacks of junk food in her hands and head upstairs. She usually got grounded for this, but Adriane was brave and always stood her ground and didn't let anyone control her. That's what Ashton liked about her the most.  Before Ashton could open his mouth to speak, the plane shook wildly for a couple of seconds. Children's high pitch screams filled the air and the sound of glass shattered, flight attendants rushing down aisles an obvious look of panic on their faces. Both Adriane and Ashton's stomachs lifted into their throats, leaving them flabbergasted in their seats. This turbulence yet was the biggest and scariest on the plane trip. Ashton had a huge sick feeling in his stomach and he hadn't felt this feeling back in sixth grade when his school went to a theme park and he had gone down one of the scariest roller coasters. It was like an instinct switch had flicked on inside of him and he scented that eeriness in the air like an unusual empty and silent room before the maid comes in and drops the kitchen dishes on the floor and squeals as she see's her boss lying dead on the floor. Then that wave of knowingness floods through her as she realizes that she had known something was unusual because she had felt that switch flick on inside of her as she had entered the room. The same switch Ashton had in him now.  





"What's happening?" Adriane said frightfully gripping furiously on to her chair.  Ashton didn't reply. Adriane turned to face him, his face was pale white, his lips a tight thin line.  This frightened Adriane even more because Ashton never got scared even in the scariest horror movies. 

"Everyone please get back in your seats and stay seated!"  A loud male voice came from the front of the plane. Adriane spotted worried people getting up from their seats, yelling questions at running flight attendants. 

"Don't worry everyone! The Pilot-" The plane shook again but this time more violently to make all the suitcases and bags fall out of their cabinets above, tumbling down on peoples heads. The screams and glass shattering increased louder, and the lights flickered on and off. Passengers lifted up into the air violently smacking their heads on the roof and thudding back on the floor laying still, blood pouring from their temples and noses. Adriane screamed at the sight of this. They weren't moving. They were dead. As she screamed and cried, she didn't notice Ashton moving up her table in a quick hustle, the journal tumbling to the floor. She hadn't noticed that he had placed a She didn't notice that he had held tight onto her hand, both of their palms sweating and shaking. The plane continued to shake intensely and her vision was blurred. She closed her eyes inviting the blackness swim over as she listened to her to the screams and shattering for much longer. She was going to die and she knew it.      



With sweat trickling down his forehead Ashton prepared himself, sitting upright in his seat, belt fastened tightly. This wasn't happening. None of this was real. Everything seemed to be a big fizz and blur as the plane gave a loud scream like the plane it's self-feared falling. Ashton felt his head pound in pain as he smacked his head against something hard.  People around them screamed some stayed silent, closing their eyes.

"A-Ashton!" She screamed between sobs and Sam felt a pang of the fear flood through him. Then in a split second, a big jolt hit them, and the plane swung to the side. Fire lit up everywhere and bits of the plane was breaking apart like cake crumbling. A powerful jolt shot through the plane and blackness blinded both Adriane and Sam from the world. 

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