Kiss of Death

What if you knew the exact moment lover was going to die? Would you want a hand in deaths game? Who will be the winner? It's his life or yours....Choice is yours.


11. Strangers

    Shaking off the thought I went to work and tried to push the questions that kept pounding in my head away and focus. "Hey Tyler can't believe you came in to work today. It's only been a couple days that you called out are you sure your okay to be here?" I clenched my fist and thought about how I saw Jason moment before coming into work. "Yeah, I'm sure I'll be fine to work." I said as I smiled at my friend. He gave me a worried glance so I added in. "I thought that working a little bit would help me to get my mind off of all of it honestly." John nodded and got ready for work silently along side by me. "Just so you know if you need to talk about anything you know you can always come to me okay?" I nodded and smiled at john before heading out into the store to take orders form people. 

      "Excuse me sir?" One of the customers called out to me to get my attain. I smiled and walked over to take his order. "Yes, sir can I help you with anything today?"  The man looked at me with the most serious face and said to me. "Why did you kill Jason?" I stumbled back and looked at the man almost in tears. "What did you say?" The man smiled and said, "I said I'll have a burger and a milk shake please." I nodded and wrote down his order shaking from what he said before. I walked into the back and put his order in still shaking. John seemed to notice and ran to my side. "What's wrong are you okay!" He asked me looking very worried. "I thought that man asked why I killed Jason..." I mumbled softly and tried to stop shaking. John pulled me into a hug and tried to calm me down. "Why would a random stranger ask you that?" John asked me looking confused. I looked up at him pale, scared, and confused too. "A lot of weird stuff has been happening to me lately...." I mumbled softly and looked down. 

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