Kiss of Death

What if you knew the exact moment lover was going to die? Would you want a hand in deaths game? Who will be the winner? It's his life or yours....Choice is yours.


7. Restart Button

         I went home that night crying my self to sleep. "Give me another chance to save him. Take me back to the accident. Make me the one to die instead." I was mumbling to my self as I tried to cry my self to sleep so that I could try and fix things tomorrow. That's when I heard a voice respond to my request.

"Mail a Photo...?"

    A girls voice came out of the shadows of my dark bed room. I sat on my bed down slowly backing up so my back was up against the wall. It felt to real to be a dream and I wasn't sure if I was going crazy or if I was actually hearing this. "Who are you!" I called out trying to sound like I wasn't scared at all but it was total lie. When she didn't respond I tried another question. "What do you mean....mail a photo?  A Photo of who..."

"Tyler Lives...?"

    Hearing his name made my heart stop and my skin go pale and feel cold. "How do you know Tyler! Did you kill him!" I was getting angry now but I still couldn't tell where the voice was coming from. It seemed to be bouncing off the walls of my room and coming from every direction. I kept my eyes scanning the room for who ever it was talking to me.

"Jason Dies..."

    The voice spoke again this time with a hint of happiness in it. "What are you talking about! I'm not dead! Tyler is! You killed him didn't you!" I was screaming into and empty room now the tears started to fall again and I couldn't stop them. "What are you talking about! How can Tyler live if he's all ready dead! Give me a straight answer!" I yelled again reaching for the light switch next to my bed.

        "Make a deal...?"

"Save Tyler...?"




    By now she was just saying random stuff and I was getting more scared as it went on. I hadn't taken my eyes off the room as I reached for the light switch wondering when I would finally reach it. Then finally I felt my hands brush against the switch. Quickly I turned the lights on and jumped up looking around my room again. It was empty and left just as I had when I first came home. "What the hell..." I mumbled and checked around my room for any signs of a person but there was no one. I waited a bit until I was satisfied with my search I turned the lights off and screamed jumping back on my bed and backing up against the wall. In the middle of my room stood a short girl with long black hair and twisted neck that looked snapped. Blood red cat like eyes that peered out from her black hair and a creepy twisted smile. She started to giggle I guessed out of pleasure from seeing the fear on my face. "Who are you!" I called out my heart racing. I was sure that I was going to die now.

"Angle of death...?"

"Make deal...?"

"Jason die...?"

"Tyler Live...?"

"Car accident kill Jason...?"

      She giggled again and this time held out an inhuman looking hand for me to shake. I gulped and looked at her for some reason thought I seemed to trust her. So I nodded and shook hands with her making her smile. Showing off her yellow rotting teeth it made my stomach twist and I wanted to throw up again.

"Save Tyler tomorrow...?"

"Jason sleep now...?"

"See Jason soon...?"

     After that my eye lids started to feel heavy and the last thing that I saw was the girl smiling and looking down at me before I feel asleep and she was gone.



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