Kiss of Death

What if you knew the exact moment lover was going to die? Would you want a hand in deaths game? Who will be the winner? It's his life or yours....Choice is yours.


1. Patch Work

   I woke up and shut my alarm clock off. This morning was so peaceful that it made yesterday seem like a bad dream. With a clouded mind I grabbed my phone and checked the date. The proof was there on a brightly lite screen that read December 24. I threw my phone at the wall not sure if I could face him again.

   I flung my self back n my bed covering my face in an attempt to stop the tears and memories from coming back. The tears were harder to fight back this time so i let them fall down and blur my vision. Anxiety took over and I was brought back to when it happened.

Breath quickened. Cold hands now warm. Blood every where.

    My phone rang making me jump as I scrambled to grab it before the call ended. Through blurred vision and cracked screen I could just barley make out the words. 'In coming call from Tyler.' My hands began to shake suddenly as I answered the call not yet ready to hear his voice so soon. "Hey Jason! Sorry to call you so early in the morning but I just wanted to check that were still meting at the cafe." I let out a sigh of refile and whipped my eyes before smiling and saying. "Yeah see you in 10."

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