Kiss of Death

What if you knew the exact moment lover was going to die? Would you want a hand in deaths game? Who will be the winner? It's his life or yours....Choice is yours.


5. Date Night

     Before going home though I stopped at the store to pick up some food our pic nick. I was sure that Tyler was going to be shopping for clothes that he thought would be cute. After picking up food I laughed and got dressed for the date night. I got changed quickly and then sent him a text to see if he needed a ride which always did because his car broke down. "Hey cutie do you need a ride?" I asked him along with a wink face emoji face. I smiled and waited a bit watching my phone awkwardly but he never responded back when usually he would reply with in seconds. "Tyler? Are you there? Is everything okay?" I kept texting him but none of my messages were saying that they were being sent but not read. I checked the time scared but was relived to see that I still had some time left. A couple hours at most so I thought maybe I should go to his house and check on him. I tried to call him to let him know but still no one answered. Now starting to get worried I left a message and went to my car. "Hey Tyler its me again Jason. I was thinking maybe I could stop by to see you again before the date. I miss your cute face so much all ready." Was what my messaged said to him.

     Scared I rushed to his house the worst seniors playing out in my head now. As I was driving to his house that same feeling that had become so familiar to me of Anxiety rushed over me taking over my body and making me feel sick to my stomach.

Blood. Smiling. Death. Love. Lost Words. Hero. Noise. Loud Noise. Silence.


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