Kiss of Death

What if you knew the exact moment lover was going to die? Would you want a hand in deaths game? Who will be the winner? It's his life or yours....Choice is yours.


3. Cafe Drama

   I opened the door making the bell ring. A lady walked over and greeted me. "Hi welcome to bobs burgers." I smiled at her. "Hi, I'm here to pick up a special order under the name Jason." She smiled and rushed off to get the order. I paid for the order and took the container thanking her again and went to Andy's cafe. Tyler spotted me right away and waved me over smiling. I took a deep breath and walked inside and over to his table. "Jason over here!" Tyler yelled out to me. I smiled and held out to the container to him. "Hey cutie!" I said as I leaned in and pecked him making him blush. The blush was short lived because he saw the food. "What's that?" He asked shifting his attention to win our battle. I sighed falsely and smiled "Your favorite from bobs burger.

   Tyler licked his lips hungry and then smiled digging in. I laughed a little at his silliness and got him to sit back down in time for the waitress to come to our usual table and take our order. "I take it I don't even need to ask do I?" Our waitress was Linda and we got her every time we came into the cafe since it was our first date spot and possibly our last...though he didn't know that. Tyler shook his head no and she smiled walking off laughing a little to her self too. Tyler gave me a serious look suddenly catching me off guard. "What's wrong?" He asked me softly and I knew that I messed up and made a face. "It just today is our anniversary and I don't have a gift for you I feel bad." Tyler gave me a look that said I know your lying but I won't push it. "It's okay Jason I don't need one because I have you." I smiled at him. "Or maybe I did you get a gift but its a secret." He practically jumped form his seat. "Really! What is it then!" I made a shushing face and ruffled up his all ready messy brown hair. "It's a secret dummy." I said in a teasing way as he pouted. Linda came back with our drinks and smiled at the two of us being cute again. "Here you go boys." she said as she placed Tyler's down first and then went to put my down but her hand slipped and she spilled it on my blue hand made scarf that was sitting on my lap. It was the gift that Tyler made for me when we first started to date and it mean the world to me. It was all I had of him left.

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