Kiss of Death

What if you knew the exact moment lover was going to die? Would you want a hand in deaths game? Who will be the winner? It's his life or yours....Choice is yours.


4. Accident's Happen

     The waitress rushed to get napkins and helped me clean my scarf up. Tyler gave me a look as if to say, "Don't get mad it was an accident." I sighed and gave a small node. The waitress came back and tried to help apologizing the whole time. "I'm so sorry sir!" She said wiping u the coffee. "It's fine really don't worry about it." We cleaned up as best we could. "You did good Jason." Tyler said smiling as he sipped his coffee. I rolled my eyes and laughed at his comment. "Yeah, okay well what are our plans for the day?"

     Tyler gave me a smiled and chuckled a small blush creeping on his face as he did. I all ready knew what our plans were for the day because this wasn't the first time that I had watched this day play out. "I was thinking we could do a pic nick in the place we first meet. Down by the river that's hidden away in the forest." He giggled and blushed again. I smiled at his cuteness and nodded in a agreement. "Sounds like a perfect day to me." He nearly jumped up from his seat and hugged him across the table kissing my cheek. "yay I can't wait! I'll see you at 10pm tonight then!" He paid for the meal and ran off to go to shopping for the perfect outfit to wear tonight. I felt my heart ach a little thinking about how the time was coming soon. I sighed and tried to act like I was okay. ' I hope he's not going to suffer this time...' I thought to my self and got up heading home to find something that would keep me busy till it was time for the date.

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