My Time With Scarlet Silver

I wanted one thing. Scarlet Silver. Perfect in Every-way. I make it my mission to find away to make her mine. Now this may be written like a dairy bit it’s not a dairy. It’s.. A Fuc... It’s a story written in present tense.
Now I don’t know what the future Holds so I guess it’ll be action packed with sex and stuff. So... read if you want a sick love story about me and stuff
Oh and this entirely True so don’t call me out for bullshit.


1. Scarlet Silver

I always liked Females. The curves of the ass and boobs. The way their voices are quiet and tend to linger on the beginning or ending with the Letter S. Or maybe it was because I’m a 17 Year Old full of shit Boy.

My Perfect Girl is either Blonde or Red (Not Ginger but their not bad either) Haired and Blue or Green Eyes. For the body, slim or average. With big enough boobs, so I can see them and an average ass. Most of my Friends like a bigger ass, but I tend to like the Hourglass figure, perfect curves. I don’t really mind, as long as their hot.

Now who am I, Well my name is Jack Redwood, I’m 17, 5ft 9/10”, Blonde with blue eyes. Yes... I am a virgin, I guess my standards are too high, and I take to long to make moves. Some of my Friends say my Computers my Girlfriend. Hours are spent wasting away playing Games or Jerking off to some Slut with Double Ds. My mum thinks I could get a girlfriend, but she says I’m too shy. I guess I like the same in a girl, I like them shy, just because their not popular doesn’t mean their not fit.

Most People Think I’m a-bit of a Dickhead, because I like to Fuck around, always in and out of trouble. Personally I don’t think I’m Cocky or Rude, I guess I just treat people how they treat me. My friends are a solid group of absolute Cunts. We got into a fair share of trouble at school together. Nothing serious, I don’t really like serious shit. Once in a while I get angry at a teacher and tell them to fuck off or something, but I think we all have. I don’t like getting into fights, not because I can’t win them or I get beat up, I just find physical violence unnecessary, I can do more damage in words than I can throwing a punch. If someone starts on me I never back down, I don’t get into their face. I stand back and say something that’s hits them deep or raw. I’m very observant, and see and hear things others don’t. I find things out about people that I shouldn’t and I like to use it to my advantage. I’m very good at reading a situation. If Popular Kids get in my faces, I’ll spread something around about them. Some say it’s lies, some don’t do anything, I guess people soon start to see if something is true by the way they react when challenged with it. They soon lose the popularity. We all are hiding something. Be it We accidentally Killed the neighbours cat and say it got hit by a car or Get caught having sex with a pillow. In the end someone may find out. It’s only a matter of time.

At school I’m not a bad student, I get the work done and to a good standard. I sometimes hand in homework or do after school activities. I just never seemed to really like them. I kept to myself you see, I kept my group of friends around me and just feel into the average school life. I occasionally went out with a girl, kissed them and then broke up. I think I never really noticed or paid attention to anyone else.

That was really in-till a couple of weeks ago. A New Girl. Now you probably won’t believe me if I told you she looked like a goddess that first day. Her Dyed Red hair shining, her pale white skin reflecting light. Her tight, small skirt showing the bottom of her butt checks covered by leggings. Her jacket and shirt perfectly placed over her breasts which weren’t to big but not to small.

Now since she was new she hadn’t become popular yet, and my friendship group needed expanding. I said to my friend I was going over to talk to her and invite her to join us.

Now if you’ve ever got drunk or high then you know your legs feel like jelly, and you wobble when you walk. Well that’s what she said I was walking like. As I got nearer, I got a closer look at her face. She was naturally beautiful.

“Hi, you must be the new girl” I ask quietly

“Yeah, I Am, my names Scarlet, Scarlet Silver” she replies. Her voice was smooth and every word was pronounced clearly and pleasantly. I was in Instantly hooked.

“We... I was wondering if you would like to join us” I ask her politely, I smile.

“Sure, Your Name” she asks, and starts to walk over to my friends.

“Jack Redwood” I say, “And single” I add quietly. She hears but she tries hard not to show it. Instead she asks why I’m walking weird. I don’t reply and stand up straight.

Now there’s not much to say about the rest of that lunch time, apart from I now had a smoking Hot friend, and a massive hard on which I placed my bag onto in-till the bell rang.

The next couple of weeks went fine I guess. I say guess a lot don’t I. Shit. i need to sort that out don’t I. Look at me breaking the forth wall in a book. Now listen here this isn’t a dairy, it doesn’t say dairy in big words on the front, I used TipEx to go over it. So this ‘Book’ has no name. I don’t want you thinking I’m some Gay or something. I’m straight and I have a hard on right now righting about Scarlet.

Now you may be wondering why I haven’t jerked off yet to her. Well the simple answer is when I finally get around to dating that sweet ass, I want full ammunition. Yep I wrote that down on Paper. And while I’m writing shit down I better remember to delete my Internet History. Some shit on there that not girl should see.

Now you must be wondering when I’m going to ask her out. Well you see. I see this as a military operation, which needs detailed planning and practice. I will not fuck this up for me. Scarlet is as good as mine I made sure we put her through group initiation. So she ain’t becoming popular anytime soon.

Yeah that’s all I’m writing for the moment

Added - Actually I better Sort out my load. My balls are starting to go blue.

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