My Time With Scarlet Silver

I wanted one thing. Scarlet Silver. Perfect in Every-way. I make it my mission to find away to make her mine. Now this may be written like a dairy bit it’s not a dairy. It’s.. A Fuc... It’s a story written in present tense.
Now I don’t know what the future Holds so I guess it’ll be action packed with sex and stuff. So... read if you want a sick love story about me and stuff
Oh and this entirely True so don’t call me out for bullshit.


3. Holding Back

We sit in class. Maths. The teacher sits at his desk. He looks bored out of his mind, he’s not a bad teacher but lacks the capability of keeps a classes attention.

“George, did you get sucked off” I ask

“Nah, mate” he replies, “Bitch is frigid”. There’s no disappointment his voice and his eyes light up.

“Shame” I say.

“Nah, I’ll wait it out. Someone’s going to have to break her in”

Now I’m sitting here like out of the 1000s of words in the dictionary to say he likes a girl he choose, ‘break her in’. I’m disappointed, and he’s meant to be an A* student in English.

“Nice choice of words, Dickhead” I say, punching his arm.


“Yes.. Sir” we both reply.

“Anyway, hows it going with Scarlet” he asks, with a glint of mischief in his eyes and smile.

“How ‘he Fuck.. You know... What do you mean?” I’m shocked and look dead serious and stare at into his eyes to see if he bluffing,

“Aw fuck off, it’s obvious that you want to dig her”

“You know your fucking disgusting, and anyway why shows that”

“Boy, I saw you holding hands in town, fuckin Moron”

“Shhhhhh, shit the fuck up, cretin”, I whisper, “Be fucking quiet or knock you out... dickhead”

“So your not official then”

“What you mean” I ask

“Not Facebook official, on the low down”. Of course he asks about Facebook. To George Facebook status means everything. If it’s not in black and white, it don’t exist.


“Why, she wants to be quiet I guess. No one would care, your a smart ass fuck and she’s a hot girl who hangs around with nobodies. It ain’t going to make a difference”. He says formally plus the occasional curse. I taken taken back, he was quite precise. I am a smart ass fuck, to smart for my own good, and she hangs with us a bunch of nobodies, would anyone notice.

“I can hear the gear grinding, in your head, what’s going up in there” George asks. I’m not sure what’s going on, I guess I didn’t think what would happen if we made it official. I know for certain, we’ll be the talk for about a week, everyone would pretend to be interested. Then when you show no signs of remorse or regret. In George’s words they fuck off.

“I’m not sure, just thinking” I reply

“Well think quietly” he laughed. “You know your a good match, and I had nothing to do with it. So good on you”

“George, why do you always act as if girls are into you. Your a fucking loser just like me”

In every friendship, well it always comes down to the inbetweeners pact. You have the Nerd, the norm, the retard and the bullshitter. I’d say I’m the norm, I mean I don’t fit in anywhere I’m just there. I’m not assigned to anything. I just love my life with basic struggles. The lack of confidence, and the emotion span of a tea spoon when it comes to girls. George on the other hand is the bullshitter, always coming up with stories that have no believability, but no matter what he makes you laugh and makes you care. I think their your best of friends, because in the end, take away all the bullshit they’ve always been there for you and they’ll remain in-till you split ways at some course of your adult life. It just the way things are. I think frank is probably the Nerd always correcting is when we say something wrong, when we make remarks and state facts we can’t back up, he’s there to help. However he more receptive to bullying, because people are jealous of him being smarter than them. Then there Will, he’s the retard. Not because he’s retarded, but because he says some dumb shit. And always looks high. They’ve been my friends as long as I can remember and I love them for it. Then Scarlet walked in and she knocked all our worlds upside down, because we had a friend that happened to be a girl, who genuinely liked being our friend.

“I guess it’s because, I’m fit as fuck” George replies.

“Shut Up” I say. I look at my work and pick up my pencil. Got some work to do.


“George knows”

“What you mean George knows... how does he know. Did you tell him”

“No, I didn’t say yes or no. Just listened”.

“Well, what he say”

“He says that he ships us... the relationship”

“Jack, did say he would tell anyone” she ask intently

“No he said he’d be quiet” I reply, “which got me thinking would it really matter if we told people. I mean we’re not the most popular of people. It would get us notices for at least a week then we can fall back under the radar”

“I know, it’s just I don’t like it when people butt their heads in and try to ‘help”. She makes gestures with her hands, “I guess we might as well tell people. It come out at some point and I hate kissing in private and having to be secretive”

“I like the private kisses, I like that it’s just me and you. However in public, I guess that a bonus in a way”

“Why” she asks

“Cause it proves we don’t really give a fuck”. I laugh. “Oh George like Sarah, I asked if she gave him head. He said no but he’d wait. He likes her, and he’s trying not to fuck it up”

“Ok... does he know she fucked half the year of boys and probably girls as well”

“I don’t know, obviously not. He thinks she frigid” I laugh again and so does she.

I lean and kiss her cheek. “Wanna catch a movie”.

“Sure” she kisses me. And pushes me back against the wall, I break the kiss,

“What you doing were in school”

“Thought you didn’t care about opinions”

“I don’t” I seal the decision with a kiss and we make out at the edge of the school courtyard. Some one points is out, and I open my eyes to look straight into her open eyes, she looks well hot. People start to look in our direction, I see an flash of panic in her eyes, I break free. And turn to a small crowd of people watch. “What the fuck you looking at”. A couple of them walk away, talking intently between themselves. A boy walks up to me, grasps my hand and pulls me so my ears bear his mouth.

“Well done jack, I never thought you’d get there. I’m proud of you. Now don’t fuck it up. She’s hot. She’s more then hot, she a once in a life time girl. Now make yourself proud”. She whispers in my ear. I look at him and nod. He let’s go of my hand, nods at me and walks off.

I walk back to Scarlet. She looks puzzled, “what did he say” she asks

“Just saying well done and that I should treat you like a princess because your hot and your a once in a life time girl for a boy like me” I Reply. She smiles and says

“That I am, Jack Redwood. Now about the movies....”

The conversation goes on for awhile, as we walk into town. I pleased that we don’t have to hid anymore. I’m proud at her for stepping up and accepting the situation. We didn’t have to go public, she chose to because I asked her too. Now that’s what I all a relationship. The willingness to step out and do what is necessary for your partner. Only then can you trust one another.

“When do you think you’ll be ready” she asks.

“For what” I ask puzzled

“At the moment I really want... Im really turned on and I guess your to honourable to make the first move”. Now you must be thinking jack if you say no your a ducking moron if you say no, it’s that sweet piece of ass you could wait for. But I don’t feel ready.

“I’m ready when you are, but I think we should wait. You yourself said you didn’t want to rush. It’s not that I don’t want, I do. And I’m ready. But I think for our relationship sake we should wait till we have a rough understanding off each other. More detailed then our relationship is now”

She smiles and say, “I agree totally, if you want to and I want to, well open that door. But we need to build a understanding of trust and understand each other more” she kisses me. This time she takes the first move and forces her Tongue into my mouth. I do the same and we make out properly for the first time, I like it. I can feel her breathing through her nose. So I do the same. We break and we move kiss again in a normal fashion, no touches but proper kisses. She takes my hand and she move it up under her top, and on to her breast. She smiles and say, “that’s all your getting for a while”. Well you can guess what happens down in my pant department. I get an erection and being pressed up against her, she feels it. She smile says. “You’ll Be thinking of me tonight” she kisses me again and starts to walk. Dragging me onwards.

Later that night, we watched a movie. And went back to my place. Nothing exciting happened me listened to music and talked and kissed. That’s about it.

“Fuck, I just remembered”

“What” she asks

“We have school tomorrow”

“Another adventure for Scarlet and Jack” she smiles resting her head on my chest. “The first hurdle in a social relationship. The first day back at school at official”

I close my eyes and relax. I guess I feel asleep, cause I woke up the next day. With Scarlet laid next to me asleep. In her under clothes, I can see her boobs, and her exposed ass, she’s not naked but I get a boner. And run off to the bathroom.

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