My Time With Scarlet Silver

I wanted one thing. Scarlet Silver. Perfect in Every-way. I make it my mission to find away to make her mine. Now this may be written like a dairy bit it’s not a dairy. It’s.. A Fuc... It’s a story written in present tense.
Now I don’t know what the future Holds so I guess it’ll be action packed with sex and stuff. So... read if you want a sick love story about me and stuff
Oh and this entirely True so don’t call me out for bullshit.


2. Coffee Shop

So you know how I said it was a military mission. Well I’ve made a big mistake. I asked her out by accident I guess, it kinda just slipped out.

Well when I say I asked her out I mean I asked if she wanted to get coffee, and we’ll she asked who’s be there and I said all our friends. She looked at me with disbelief in her eyes, but she smiled and said “Sure, It’s a Date”. And walked off.

Now it took me by surprise because she knows I fucked up and it wasn’t the moment I planned for, but she said it was a date so I guess it is a date. I don’t know.

Well I better get ready for coffee.




“Do you think we’re on a date”

“I know we’re on a date” she smiles

“But I never asked you out on a date”

“It’s seems to me you do want it to be a date” she ask

“Oh believe me I do, I mean I’ve wanted to... it just didn’t go the way I wanted it to”

“I thought it went fine, and you went well cute. All red and stuff” she laughs and leans forward.

“You think I’m cute” I ask excited

“Yeah, I like you. I think it’s the sarcastic attitude that I like or the fact you like to joke around. I don’t know really”

“Thanks. I like you. From your Red hair to the way you speak, perfect in every way”

Ok let’s press pause here. This is corny as fuck, yeah I know. But it’s going great. I can’t take my eyes off those Pale lips. The way she occasionally hits down on her bottom lips is turning me on. I can feel my heart rate picking up and there’s an electrical buzz of excitement in the air.

“Can I Kiss you” I ask, I lean in slightly. Her eyes widen.

“Not here, lets go somewhere more private”. She leans forward so our lips are almost touching, I can feel her sharp excited breath mingling with mine.

She pulls away but doesn’t break eye contact, and picks up her bag.

We both stand and head for the door and exit our local Starbucks.

We don’t hold hands. But move down the street before turning left down a small back alley. The light is quite shallow and the shadows we cast are long. A ray of sunlight lights where we stand.

She pushes me against the wall, she messes up her hair. Placing her hand on my chest, I have a sudden urge to Fuck her. But I restraint myself.

She starts to lean in, I stay where I am and wait for her lips to touch mine.

As our lips touch we have a sudden shock of excitement. I start to kiss back. I place one hand on here hips and another on her up back placed in the bottom of her hair, which is soft and silky.

We break apart, and look at each other.

“Well what you think” she asks, kissing me again, on my cheek and clasping my hand.

“It was great, I loved it”. I kiss her again and she kisses back, she parts her mouth and we start to kisses repeatedly, no touches just a standard kiss. We break apart again and start to walk back towards the high street. She stops before we exit. And looks at me and says, “Keep it quiet, I don’t want the attention. I’d prefer if you kept it quiet for a couple of weeks”

“Sure” I reply. I understand, being just an average kid and then people finding out, brings added attention. I look at her and she looks at me. She smiles again and says, “well where do you wanna go”

“Anywhere I don’t really mind, let’s get food. There’s a McDonalds up the road”. I say

“Ok”. She takes my hand and entwined her fingers with mine,”I don’t want to go to fast”

“Ok, I agree not to rush things. We’re do things when we’re both ready”. I’m a bit taken back by what she says as if she thinks I just want sex. But I feel like we must take it slow, because if we rush we could complicate things.

She walks a little ahead pulling me on. I’m not focusing on much. I’m living a dream in reality. And I can’t wait for more.

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