The angel slayer


1. chapter 1

Hey guys this my ice and sting romance

I keep walking I don’t want to stop cause if I stop then he’ll catch me and I’ll be right back where I started. My exceed hazel (she’s light brown with green eyes) fine I say but we can’t stop for long ok she says happily. I pay for two loaves of bread I take them and splitting them up between hazel and me and I save them for later hazel eats and and falls asleep in my lap. I start to doze off when I hear a scream from far away ( angel slayers have really good hearing they can hear from a mile away) I run to where I hear the scream and I see a blonde girl a red head a salmon haired boy and a blonde dude with a scar on his eyebrow with a black haired boy. I see the gun fired I run and a red circle appears and the gun shots bounce back to them I quickly grab the boy and teleport him to the other side and I yell angels dancing blades and a whole lot of swords appear and plunge at the gang they run off and all my blades disappear I run to the boy and I quickly heal him

Lucy’s POV

I can’t believe what I just saw what type of magic does she have but she’s kinda pretty she has longe light brown hair and bright green eyes she’s tall and skinny but with big boobs but she is an amazing fighter

Erza’s POV

What in the world! What kind of magic does she use it’s interesting I requip into my normal armor and walk towards her she’s very pretty

Stings POV

I wake up what happened I look up and see a pretty girl with light brown hair and light green eyes I see a cat come towards is she a dragon slayer? Hi I’m Anika she holds out her hand and I take it and she pulls me up this is my exceed hazel I’m sting and this is lecter she smiles wow she’s really beautiful

I hope she joins fairy tail cause that’s my guild me and rouge switched because of Minerva but we’re happier here anyways

Anikas POV

Wow he’s really cute fairy tail huh I say well I was thinking of joining a guild but I’m looking for someone well come with us and see if you like it ok I say as sweetly as I can I walk into the guild when I see her

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