When harry potter has iphones


1. first phone

On a windy evening, Harry Potter was visiting his parents grave. On the tomb, lay a strange box thing and note. The note said, "Dearest Harry, The muggles have invented a new contraction called a cell phone! I thought this would be easier than silly owls! Love, Your mum and dad." Harry stared, wondering how long it has been sitting there. "How do you work this, Ms Figg?" Harry asked his neighbor. "Ah! A cell phone! You do this!" Ms Figg explained in a simple way. Harry thanked her and journeyed to hogwarts on his new Fireball 6,000. Harry showed the phone to Ron. Harmione already had one. "Wicked! So you got this at Gothly Hollows on top of your parents grave?!" Ron asked. Harry showed him the note, tears in his eyes, not wanting to mention his parents anymore. Ron soon got a phone by owl, in witch Ron was bored of.

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