The bad boy likes me?


2. Run in with Satan

Lunch was normal, well.... almost. I had just sat down to eat my delicious chicken fingers when this blonde little angel sat next to me. And by angel I mean the complete opposite. Her blonde hair fell across her shoulders in ringlets and her face was almost porcelain. But I could see the cakey makeup that plastered her face, making her perfection, imperfect. She had two other girls following her, all of them dressed as what I would call slutty.

"Hi" the girl said in a very annoying voice. I fake smiled and said "Hi, nice to meet you." She tossed her golden hair "Im Tracy and these" she pointed to the two girls behind her "are my minions"

I almost spit my food out at her words. Minions? Really? I couldn't help myself and I started laughing. The blonde girl, Tracy set a look of anger across her face. This made me laugh even more.

"God! Shut up!" She yelled and stomped her foot. This girl was actually ridiculous. She wants me to shut up? She has the most annoying voice ever and I bet she's really popular. Suddenly a girl with almost black hair ran up to me and Tracy.

"Tracey, leave her alone." She said. Tracy huffed and yelled "Don't tell me what to do!" I could feel eyes on us, and by eyes I mean everyone in the cafeteria. Even the lunch ladies. Tracy spoke again "Seriously Amanda, just go away. This does not concern you." Amanda rolled her eyes at Tracy and just started shouting. And my day just got ruined.

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