The bad boy likes me?


1. Bad boys

The first day of school is like hell. You try to get friends, only to have them stab you in the back. You try to achieve a reputation, only to end up being antisocial and nerdy. To make my point even more realistic, you try to get good grades, only to fail. That was my first day at school, humiliation, failure, and social destruction.

"Hazel, come on!" My brother yells.

"Hold on!" I scream back, shoving the last piece of toast in my mouth. I grab my backpack and run to the car. My brother yells again "Hurry! We're going to be late!" I start the car and drive to school, ignoring his angry glares.

As I pull up into the parking lot, my brother grabs his stuff and gets out, running to the school. I roll my eyes at his dramatic behavior, and watch as his auburn hair disappears into class. I, myself run to class.

When I enter, everyone is staring at me. The teacher turns to me and says "Hello, I'm Ms. Greenwall, please have a seat." Her face was tight, and unfriendly, I already didn't like her.

I look around the room and see that their is only one left next to a pretty hot looking guy. I take my seat and pull out my notebook when the guy, throws a piece of paper at me. I glare at him and throw it back, making sure it hit his face. I smirked as the paper flew into his face. I took that moment to study his features for a moment, his eyes stood out, they were a blue with green circling the middle. His hair was brown, almost like mine except a little lighter. I snapped out of my revere and realized he was staring at me to, that was until the teacher walked up to him and said "I suggest you pay attention to the lesson and not stare at Ms. Anderton's face." His face turned red but cooled down quickly only for him to smirk at the teacher. He reached down, grabbed his backpack and just left. And let me tell you, the teacher was pissed.

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