Hit Me Baby One More Time - Multicouples Trailer

A trailer demonstrating various different couples from various different fandoms, including marvel, DC, Harry Potter and Riverdale.
My entry for the Shake Up The Romance Competition, pairing up unusual characters.


1. Trailer!



Here we go! 

My first attempt at a trailer/film colab. 

This is an entry for the Shake up the romance competition, and my idea was to put different and unusual couples together.

The pairings are;

Loki/Karen (Marvel)

Damon/Cheryl (Vampire Diaries + Riverdale)

Dean/Elena (Supernatural + Vampire Diaries) 

Lucifer/Isabelle (Lucifer + Shadowhunters)

Nogistune Stiles/Veronica (Teen Wolf + Riverdale) 

Draco/Lydia (Harry Potter + Teen Wolf) 

Bucky Barnes/Barbara (Marvel + Gotham (DC))


Enjoy :) 

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