Renea Lee Kimber life was simple but complete until she got her results back on her blood type. That was when she realized her parents, weren't her parents. She finds real family and finds they are billionaires. What will happen when love sneaks into her life? Will her real family accept her or will she be lost forever.

A dream inspired this movella.
Contains no swearing
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5. The Party

The Party

The mountain house toward over me as I dragged myself up the walk way stair. My dark blonde hair swirled around me as the wind ran wildly through the forest of leaves. " You ready?" Kade rhetorically said. " Totally. Totally ready to make a fool of myself in front of everyone." My eyes shown wide with worry. Lifting up my chin, Kade softly said," Don't worry about what they think.." gesturing to the house," Be yourself, and if they don't like that you, well, screw them."

A light smile crossed my lips. Determination spread across my once doubtful face. " Ok, let's go." The wind ruffled Kades short dark brown hair. Time seem to freeze as I studied Kade's stern complexion. His features showed nothing of a young boy, but of a man. Hi dark green-blue eyes left me frozen from their endless beauty.

As time finally caught up, I noticed that Kade was looking right back into my royal blue eyes. A delightful smile spread across his face like butter. His smile sent shivers up my spine. I loved it when he smiled at me.My mind finally realized what my heart had been trying to tell it all day. I loved him.

After our long enchanting stare, we entered into the house. " KADE!!!" a middle aged woman with dark brown hair screamed. " Is this the girl you have been talking about for months?" Grimacing, Kade replied," No Mom, I think your trying to being funny." His mom was about to reply when he pulled me away from the doorway.

A roar of teens sounded as we entered the back yard. "Wow!" I quietly said to myself. I walked over to a large clear pool, looking down I realized something. Why would a rich handsome boy like Kade want a low life school outcast like me? Kade must have seen my thoughts written across my face because he came up to me, and shoved me into the pool. 

Yanking my head above the water, I stared at him in shock. I thought he liked me, I guess he only wanted to make fun of me. I was about to get out when Kade shoved me off the side, keeping me into the pool, and leapt in. An enormous splash erupted from where he had landed. Looks like he just wanted to have some fun. As he jumped up out of the water, I splashed him, a humorous glare as I did so. 

Kade let out a huge laugh, his buddies on the side of the pool joined in. I didn't want to laugh, but after a minute or so, I joined in to. When Kade finally stopped, he swam over to me. Wonder screaming from his gorgeous eyes. Reaching out, he grabbed my head, and pulled me into a kiss.

I grabbed his head and kissed him back. It was a complete Alfalfa kiss. When we finally stopped, everyone around the pool smiled. " Kade? Kaadde?" I recognized the voice as Kade's mom. She laughed as she saw that we were in the pool in our cloths. Running in, she snagged some warm towels and brought them out.

Thank goodness I had a water proof case on my phone, that could have been bad. I thought to myself. My cloths weighted me down as I tried to climb out of the pools tentacle like waters. Kade's mom kindly wrapped the towel around me, and led me into their bathroom where she brought me a dry pair of cloths. " I can just wear these, it's no biggy." She gave me one of those smiles you get when your mom is set on something. I knew I probably shouldn't argue with her.  
Looking into her hands, I saw I pair of brand new clothes. There was a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a dark blue, almost black, choker shirt. It went across my collar bone, covering my shoulders, and went to my elbow on the sleeves. It had circular holes on each arm that was right below my shoulder. Wow I look good, I thought to myself.

Before I walked out, I went over to the door where I had taken off my black ankle heals. Good thing I had, or they'd be soaked as well. The sound of aww was heard from the living room, looking in, everyone was huddled around the tv, staring. Confused, I walked over. A boy was on the news, it was Ethan, the boy at the ice skating ring. And his family.

The mom began speaking," Today we honor our daughter, who died in a hotel fire 14 long years ago." It suddenly struck me like lightning. Kade lightly touched my shoulder. "Are you alright.?" Mumbling to myself." I am their lost daughter." " What was the Rena?" Speaking up louder I said," I am their lost daughter." 

Struck dumb, Kade stood there oblivious to what was going on. After what seemed like forever, he finally made his way back down to Earth. " Oh my gosh, no way. You were adopted?" A tsunami of questions rolled out from him. " You were the one year old that was found at that hotel? Why couldn't they find your parents?" Eventually, he stopped, noticing I couldn't keep up with him. " What now?" He asked slowly and more controlled. Looking into his deep ocean eyes, I new what I had to do.

First, I threw my lips against his, then sternly stated, " Get your car." Kade, rushed over to grab his keys. We booked it out to his pitch black car and zipped off to where my real family was. Man, I hope they like me. 

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