Renea Lee Kimber life was simple but complete until she got her results back on her blood type. That was when she realized her parents, weren't her parents. She finds real family and finds they are billionaires. What will happen when love sneaks into her life? Will her real family accept her or will she be lost forever.

A dream inspired this movella.
Contains no swearing
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2. Secrets



8th grade was finally ending. As the clock ticked to 12, a stampede of students bolted out the doors. I was sucked into the crowd and pulled out the door. I didn't really care, I had all my things.

Once outside, I walked over to my friend Jen, who was standing by her dark red truck. She had barely missed the cut off for kindergarten so she was put into the younger grade so she was a year older than me

I couldn't afford a car yet even though I was 14 1/2 and able to have a permit.


As we hopped in, we blasted the radio and left. Ready for it? By Taylor Swift was on and we had our windows down. Singing at the top of our lounges.


I usually was shy but today I was going to let it all loose. I was free of treacherous middle. I only had one thing on my mind, why was my blood type different from my parents.

Earlier today my results had gotten back and had been given to me by our school nurse and I saw that I was different from my parents.

As I hopped out of Jens truck, I quickly walked in, eager to ask my parents about my blood type.


I leapt in, running over to my mom. " Hey sweetie, you look eager. Everything alright?" I steadied my breathing then spoke," I need to talk with you and dad about my blood type."


My mom suddenly looked sad and scared. Looking down she said," Ok, I'll go get him." She slowly walked outback where my dad was working on fixing up our shed. As my mom spoke to him, he looked down with the same expression she had had when I had spoken to her about it.


They slowly walked in, neither making eye contact with me. We sat down and they began to explain it all. That I had been adopted and the fire. I sat there stunned. I thought they were my biological parents. I had blonde hair like my mom and blue eyes like my dad. Or adopted parents.


Tears started rolling from my eyes, why had they kept this a secret from me? Why not just tell me? Straightening my face I asked," Why didn't you tell me?" John and Katherine looked at each other then John spoke," We were afraid, I know it's a lame excuse but that's the truth. We didn't want you feeling like you were different so we kept it to ourselves. We're sorry."


I just stared at them. I don't know how I could forgive them but something inside of me told me I needed to. So I took a step and asked,"Will you help me find my real family?"

My parents looked relieved that I didn't go into an emotional frenzy agreed. Even though it hurt them, they new I would be happier knowing who my real family was, so they obliged.



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