Renea Lee Kimber life was simple but complete until she got her results back on her blood type. That was when she realized her parents, weren't her parents. She finds real family and finds they are billionaires. What will happen when love sneaks into her life? Will her real family accept her or will she be lost forever.

A dream inspired this movella.
Contains no swearing
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1. Prologue



John and Kathrine Kimbers were finally adopting a little girl. They had been wanting to for a while, but they couldn't afford a child's needs, so they waited. Until that faithful day when all there finances came together. Their jobs finally made the money needed.

An adorable little two year old girl lay asleep in a suitable crib. The couple stood on the other side of a glass window. Watching her chest rise as she breathed.

Her blonde hair covered her left eye and she had a relaxed expression across her face. They couldn't wait to hold her in their arms.

They quickly read through the paper work, scamming through the less important stuff and going straight to the main information.

They answered every question easily until it came to her name. Struck dumb, they realized that they had been so excited they hadn't though of a good name.

After about ten minutes, they came up with the perfect one. Renea ( Re- Nay) Lee Kimber. The couple smiled at each other with pure joy.

As they finished off looking at Renea's record, they noticed that she had been found in a hotel lobby during a big fire. Firefighters had barely gotten her out. No one could find her parents or who she belonged to. Probably because whoever the parents were thought she was dead.

Kathrine gave a sad sigh, and continued on. She finished by putting the date which was December 30, 2017. And her signature.

After three hours John and Kathrine had a child they could call their own. And that's where my story began.


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