Renea Lee Kimber life was simple but complete until she got her results back on her blood type. That was when she realized her parents, weren't her parents. She finds real family and finds they are billionaires. What will happen when love sneaks into her life? Will her real family accept her or will she be lost forever.

A dream inspired this movella.
Contains no swearing
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3. Enchanting Ice

Enchanting Ice

The next few weeks rolled by as my "parents" tried to find my family. I didn't know of I should leap for joy or curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep. I'ld never thought about leaving my parents before. Neither had I thought about being adopted. I guess I had been caught up in my own little world to see it.

As the days went on, I started loosing faith that I would ever find my family. Sadly, school went on and so did life. I began to be less engaged in school activities, I had no interest in them. But there was always something that allowed me to be free. Snow sports.

It was winter time and my "parents" always signed me up for ski club and we would always go ice-skating together. It was always magical. Feeling my skates swerve through the ragged ice. I picked up until and older boy swerved into me. We both collapsed into the shivering ice.

" I'm so so sorry," The boy said. Smiling I said," Oh it's fine. Trust me, I've had worse. Last year, a skier lost control and ran into me, popping my knee out of its socket. It sucked." The boy just smiled. " What's your name?" He asked. " I'm Renea Kimber. What's your name?" He smiled again," I'm Ethan Taylor. My family is from Montreal. We have some unforgettable history here. We come up every year." He looked down soberly.

I was about to say something when some called his name," Ethan, come take off your skates, we're leaving." Ethan looked up and called back," Yes Mom, be there in a sec." He shook my hand," Well it was nice to meet you. I hope see each other again." " Me to." I replied, and he left.

We stayed at the skating. Ring for another hour before we headed to a gas station for coco. As we pulled up to Maverick, we all hopped out as my "dad" said," Out of the sack little devils, out of the sack. We all laughed and walked in.


The warm hazelled flavored hot chocolate warmed my ice cold body. Cold usually didn't bother me but I guess -5 degree weather did it. As we drove into the garage I slowly pulled myself out of out car. I was exhausted.

Every bone in my body told me to fall flat on the ground and sleep. I barely made to my bed before I collapsed into a deep dreamless sleep.

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