Father's little princess


1. daddy?

I'm Tina, Tina Riddle. I'm volemort's daughter! Well, I was until I was taken away! I was brought to the orphanage where he grew up as a child! I miss him, he was taken to Azcaban, prison to bad witches and wizards. I'm at hogwarts right now, I'm in Slytherin, just like him! I want to grow up to be a dark lord, like daddy! "Tina, you have a visitor. His name is Tom Riddle." Ginny said. "Father? He's here? Bring him in if you will!" I said, bursting with excitement. "We must do safety conditions first." Ginny said. I stared, a puzzled expression laid out on my face. All the other people was almost as confused as me! "Please bring him in. Now!" I said. Ginny thought for a moment. "Um... No. I can tell him to go back to Azcaban, you can't rush safety measures!" Ginny said, feeling very sassy. I felt as I could cry! I want my father!

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