Diary of Girlicious

(Disclaimer I do not own girlicious or pcd this is fanfiction and all done in fun. This is fiction but some things are based off the show and some real facts but this is fiction none the less. Just for entertainment :)

They were supposed to be the next big Girl group like the Pussycat dolls. They were 4 talented girls who were fierce, sexy and independent. We got to watch them come together as a group before our eyes but as quickly as they streaked through the sky like a star....Girlicious was over? What happened to them? What didn't we see during the show? From hating each other during the taping of the show, from inner problems during their rise to fame. So many questions like "Why weren't they promoted in the US as planned?" "Why kick Tiffanie out of the group?" "What really happened with Natalie's Drug possession charge?" Find out now in the Diary of Girlicious


5. The Call


          The sun was streaming brightly in her room...and she couldnt remember what time she finally fell asleep. She quickly jumped out of bed however when she saw it was 11:59am.....OMG the call! She ran out of her room to find Natalie still sleep herself...she was sleeping in the pull out bed with a pillow over her face...so she assumed she was sleep.

     "Natalie wake up! Girl its almost 12 we should of been up."

 Natalie pulled the pillow from over her head and her eyes were red and puffy; as if she had been up all night crying.

    Chrystina looked at her and said "Hey....hey whats wrong?" Natalie sniffled and said

     "The girls....they....well Mia said whether i get picked or not...the girls said they dont want to be in group with me anymore." Chrystina eyes were wide. Natalie sat up and pulled her curly hair into a ponytail.

      "They said they been knew i auditioned for the show...they asked my aunt about it. They just wanted to see how long it took me to tell them...and when i didnt they started a new group with another girl...."

         Chrystina felt bad for Natalie...and now she hoped more then ever that she make it on the show.

          "Hey look. Sometimes things dont always pan out the way we want....but no matter what happens if they are your real friends they'll be rooting for you no matter what...and if not...well you got me...alright."

       Natalie nodded...and looked around the bed....and noticed she didnt have her phone.

           Chrystina then noticed...the main bed was made up and Jazz wasnt in it.

    "Chrys do you see my phone?" Natalie dry voice asked.

            'No." She answered tearing through the covers....

    Before they could even search Jazz still in her blue T nighty walked in holding Natalies phone to her ear.....

        "Yup....i will tell her!" She beamed pointing at her sister.

           Natalie looked as if her heart was going to jump out her chest....Thats when Chrystina heard her mother shout her name.

           "Chrystina! Telphone call!"

    Chrystina bolted pass Jazz and ran down the steps into the kitchen; grabbing the cordless phone from her mother....barely able to get a hello out...effectively.

     Natalie rushed down the steps eyes wide for of happiness...and jazz behind her waiting to see if they should all scream or not......Chrystinas mother waited to.....Chrystina hung up the phone and slid onto the floor in tears....and her mother asked

            "Oh no sweetie....bad news!"

 "Nooooo!!!!!!! Nooooo....im in! I got to be there in two days!"

    And Natalie and Jazz happily jumped up and down excitedly screaming

   "We both made it! Omg yes! Yes we did it! Omg we are going to be on t.v

       They all were just crying and freaking out....You would of thought they made the group already...but both of them knew this was the chance of a lifetime....and this was only the begining......They were in the top 15....and had to be at the Pluto hotel within two days in LA.......It was go time for real now!

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