Diary of Girlicious

(Disclaimer I do not own girlicious or pcd this is fanfiction and all done in fun. This is fiction but some things are based off the show and some real facts but this is fiction none the less. Just for entertainment :)

They were supposed to be the next big Girl group like the Pussycat dolls. They were 4 talented girls who were fierce, sexy and independent. We got to watch them come together as a group before our eyes but as quickly as they streaked through the sky like a star....Girlicious was over? What happened to them? What didn't we see during the show? From hating each other during the taping of the show, from inner problems during their rise to fame. So many questions like "Why weren't they promoted in the US as planned?" "Why kick Tiffanie out of the group?" "What really happened with Natalie's Drug possession charge?" Find out now in the Diary of Girlicious


4. What about your friends?



                 Natalie could not believe how big Chrystina's house was. As they walked through the huge front door, they first entered a large foyer with a crystal chandelier looming above. White walls and marble polish floors with a staircase leading to a wonder of bedrooms above. 

      Chrystina smiled brightly and said "Well let me give you a tour of the place real quick." She walked to the left and said "This is the living room where my mom likes to....read her books. This her room, we don't come in here like that."

    Natalie loved the decor of the grey and white living space. Grey dark blue suede couches with faux white fur pillows. A white carpet with a pretty silver and glass coffee table. Also a fire place which had a picture of her mother and father on their wedding day above. Any plenty of Vases and bookselfs and an antique tea set sitting on an in table at the end of the room. It was beautiful.

     "Yea I can see why your mom dont want ya in here....i wouldnt either!" They all laughed and heading into the dinning room then the kitchen where the smell of delicious food was brewing. This is where Natalie came face to face with her parents....they were so nice and let them know they were wishing her good luck in the contest.

     Natalie hugged Chrystina and stated

       "I know we are making it in to the top 15. They are going to call me on my cell phone tomorrow at Noon."

 Chrystina agreed "Yea they told me the same.......omg i want to make it so bad."

     Jazz looked at the both of them and said "And you will....and hey if you guys dont make it....we can make our own group. Man i wish i was old enough to try out."

       Chrystina's mom said "Guys for now all you just focus on having fun tonight...worry about the show tomorrow. Chrystina finish showing the girls the house...then come back down cause dinner is just about ready.

           Chrystina did just that and showed her all the rooms on the second floor. There were five rooms total. The master was her parents, the second room was her eldest brothers room...and room three was her twin brothers room as well. Her room was next and then the guess room which is wear they be sleeping.

      Natalie couldnt help but fall in love with Chrystina's home....it was the kind of home she wanted to have in the future. A home for her family as well. And if everything went well....maybe that could be a reality.


               After dinner the girls retreated to the Guest room and Chrystina showed her all her cds and clothes...and talked about boys and of course the competition. Eventually Jazz fell asleep leaving Chrys and Natalie to talk about other topics....One Natalie did not want to discuss.....her group breathe.



          "Yo.....remember during the auditions when we were in the car? I never really asked you...but what was that about? You seemed pretty stressed out with whoever called you."

    Natalie stopped looking through her teen magazine and made a grimaced face at Chrystina. She purposely avoided the talk about her group...but she knew she couldnt keep the drama to herself anymore.

         "Well since you asked...Before auditioning for this...i was in a group called Breathe for about a year. But one of the girls started whining about not singing lead enough...and i dont know she just became bitter about alot of stuff. you know what i mean?"

     Chrystina sat up and said

            "Yea sometimes in school girls use to hate super hard on me...but if they your friends why would they hate on you?"

    Natalie shrugged

      "I dont know...but my whole thing is...we havent done nothing for five months so i signed up to do the show...i didnt tell them in case i didnt make it...and....i still havent told them."

     "Natalie what!" Chrystina said jumping forward on the carpet.

         "Why didnt you tell them about the show...were you just going to wait until you got picked?"

      "I knew they would whine if i told them i auditioned...so i just been mum with them about all this....but im not going to lie...i wish i told them the day you left." 

     Chrystina felt bad for her friend....she hugged her and said

         "Dude i understand....you scared they will think you are leaving them. But real friends will be happy for you. So tomorrow if you make it...you should definitely give them a call. They deserve to know whats up?"

       "Yea you are right.....you're right?"

Natalie went in her purse and started typing a long text.....Telling the girls about auditioning, and how she felt the group had grown apart. But made it clear she wanted to give it one last shot if she didnt make it through. It was already 12am so she didnt expect a reply...Chrystina knew a text probably wasnt the best way to go about it. But it was better then saying nothing.

     Chrystina stood up and said "Well look ill leave you to get some sleep...your sister took the bed so...you can either sleep with her...or pull out the bed in this couch over here.... She told her good night and head to her room and changed in a pink big t shirt.....but sleep evaded her most of the night.....her heart pounded hard....wondering whether or not will she be on the show? It was torture she thought.....tomorrow couldnt come soon enough......



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