Diary of Girlicious

(Disclaimer I do not own girlicious or pcd this is fanfiction and all done in fun. This is fiction but some things are based off the show and some real facts but this is fiction none the less. Just for entertainment :)

They were supposed to be the next big Girl group like the Pussycat dolls. They were 4 talented girls who were fierce, sexy and independent. We got to watch them come together as a group before our eyes but as quickly as they streaked through the sky like a star....Girlicious was over? What happened to them? What didn't we see during the show? From hating each other during the taping of the show, from inner problems during their rise to fame. So many questions like "Why weren't they promoted in the US as planned?" "Why kick Tiffanie out of the group?" "What really happened with Natalie's Drug possession charge?" Find out now in the Diary of Girlicious


3. Decisions, Decisions






​ When the producers of PCD presents: Girlicious finished auditioning in LA they immediately flew out to Chicago, New York city, Miami and finally wrapping it up in Houston Texas. This is where Nichole Cordova would make her debut to the world. The 18 year old blonde beauty was very soft spoken and calm when she walked up to the interview. The day before she sang a cute country song by Nora Jones...not bad most of the producers saw. They told her to come through for an interview the next day and be prepared to fight like you've never fought before. Nichole was just thankful to be making the next round, and she didn't want to take anything for granted. So the following morning when it was her turn to talk to Robin and a few other producers....she put on her brightest smile and began with a song.

  ​"​State your name and age for us please" Chimed one of the female producers .

​Nichole looked straight towards the camera and said

   "My name Is Nichole Cordova I'm 18 years old and I'm from Houston Texas."

Robin smiled and said "Okay love what are you going to sing for us today?"

  "Well..." she began softly

" Yesterday I sang Nora Jones I don't know why I didn't come...and ya guys liked it...but I didn't feel like it completely showed you what I could do...so today I'm going to sing Pussy cat dolls Stick wit U."

   MMMM they all chimed and a smile growing on Robin's face

"Okay a pussycat doll song okay...lets here."

   " Nobody going looove me better....I'm going stick with you forever....nobody going take me higher Ima stick wit uuuuuuu." 

       Nichole's voice was so smooth and precise she definitely had experience on her side. They could tell immediately that this small country style blonde had a lot more to offer then what you could see in her soft nature. They felt she a star quality different from a lot of the other girls they saw. She was sweet and relatable. If she made it into the group they could tell little kids would fall in love with her sweetness.  And although nichole wasn't sure about weather she make it any further; they were sure that they needed her in Hollywood. In fact she was the first girl they called to fly out.

  "Omg...I can't believe it. Yes yes I can be at the airport!"

Nichole's mother and father were waiting anxiously by her side on the phone. Waiting for her to hang up. She nodded calmly as she could and said 

   "Thank you so much i'll see you guys soon...yes good bye." She gently hung up the phone and turned to her mom and dad. They stared waiting for her to speak, but all she could do was squeal and jump and down. Which made them jump and down in happiness.

    "I'm going to LA I'm going to be on TV omg yessssss!!!!!! Yessss!!!


   "Mom!!!!! Mom I made it! I made I'm going to be on the show! I meet them down town in two days!" 

     Her mother screamed to the top of her lungs and hugged her pumpkin with so much much pride.

  "Omg...I am so proud of you...this is yours for the taken. No body can hold a candle to your voice. You better make me proud!"

       Tiffanie just broke down in tears counting her lucky stars....finally her dreams were coming true                        


  ​Chrystina Sayers ....a stunning young 20 year old from San Diego California waited patiently for Natalie to arrive. She thought back on her audition and remembered how nerve wrecking it was those two days. Day one was a long day of watching girls stand at the edge of their dreams; only to quickly get their dreams smashed. Go home after go home, after go home; she watched the girls go. And the longer she waited the worse her nerves got to her. So much so that she ran out of the auditorium for a moment and rushed into the bathroom. Her heart pounding a mile a min and she couldn't catch her breath. But after speaking to her dad who use to be in the NFL; she calmed down a bit. He told her...

     "you can't control the outcome but you can control how much you give. You will be fine...now go get em tiger"

​The best words he could of said to her...because after that she calmed her nerves and headed back to the auditorium. And a few hours later her row was called...and they were sent to the fire. Luckily for her and a few others...they got a second interview. And overall she felt she killed the auditions. Now all she could was wait for the call day. Which was tomorrow. So she asked her dad if Natalie could come down to the house and wait for the call together. He said it was fine...and now she waited patiently in her living room for Natalie and her sister Jaz to drive down from LA to see her.

​     ​Chrystina looked out the window once more to see if Natalie had pulled up yet. Still no signs of them. Chrystina ran into the kitchen where her mother was making some Thai food and asked for the fourth time

    "Mom do you think Natalie and her sister will be okay in the guest room? If not I can totally swap rooms or something?"

     Her mother stopped chopping veggies and said

     "Child if you don't sit down? Yes the room is more then clean. Plenty of pillows and blankets and I bought plenty of snacks for you girls for tonight. Now go find something to do while you wait. Read a book or help me cook or something." Chrystina nodded with a "Ooookay"

  And headed down in the entertainment room where her dad was watching Espn in his leather lounge chairs. She plot on her dad like she was a little kid giving him a sweet. "Hi daddy."

    "Hey princess." He kissed her forehead

   "What's going? Still waiting on your friend?"

   "yeaaaaa." She said with a drag in her voice.  

   " Well sweetie be patient LA isn't exactly around the corner you know." He chimed 

    "I know...its not that actually....its the phone call. We both get our calls tomorrow of weather or not we make on the show or not. And.....gosh what if I don't make it and she does...or the other way or neither of us? This is so nerve wrecking Dad."

    "Aww sweet heart." He kissed her one more time and got up from the chair

   "Like I told you at your audition whatever will be will be. If you make it good, but if you don't it doesn't mean you or her aren't worthy. It just means this isn't your stop. But you'll be fine....is your mother still cooking?" He asked

    "mmmhmm she is making her Pad thai and some fried chicken tonight." Her father eyes grew big.

   "I cant wait" He walked over to the window and pointed

   "And I think that's your friend pulling up right now."

   "Really?" She screeched and jumped up and ran to the foyer and door; heading outside in her white shorts and pink t-shirt. NAAAAAAAATALIE She screamed. It had been a month since the last time they hung out. That night in LA was just what she needed after their audtion. And since then they been buddies ever sense. Calling each other all the time on the phone. Talking about music and the possibilities of being on T.V. She was exciting and just seeing her pull up in her Jeep made Chrystina feel like she was in LA again.  

  Natalie jumped out the car with her sister and quickly screamed

"Chrystina......omg look at you." Giving her the biggest hug she could.  Chrystina checked out her outfit and man was she fierce. She was wearing a Gold and white baby phat shirt with some diamond hoops and black knickers and white sneaks. Her hair was curly as before; cascading down her back; she was glamourous no doubt. Like a movie star she beamed with confidence. Her sister too. Just a tiny Natalie with Bright hair.

   " Well come on in let me introduce you to my mom and dad. My brothers aren't here thank god so we have house to ourselves." She sang.

    "Nice..." Natalie said " She introduced Jaz to Natalie and soon they were in the house sending greetings to her parents. The time seem to fly they were having so much fun. 

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