Diary of Girlicious

(Disclaimer I do not own girlicious or pcd this is fanfiction and all done in fun. This is fiction but some things are based off the show and some real facts but this is fiction none the less. Just for entertainment :)

They were supposed to be the next big Girl group like the Pussycat dolls. They were 4 talented girls who were fierce, sexy and independent. We got to watch them come together as a group before our eyes but as quickly as they streaked through the sky like a star....Girlicious was over? What happened to them? What didn't we see during the show? From hating each other during the taping of the show, from inner problems during their rise to fame. So many questions like "Why weren't they promoted in the US as planned?" "Why kick Tiffanie out of the group?" "What really happened with Natalie's Drug possession charge?" Find out now in the Diary of Girlicious


2. Auditions in LA part 2




    ​Tiffanie Anderson...From day one the producers were keeping their eyes on Tiffanie. She could sing like nobody's business and was Charismatic as hell. She was 19 years old and full of energy. Her chocolate milk brown skin seemed to glow like the early sun. A set of bright white teeth made her smile enchanting; but it was really her broad personality that got her a See you tomorrow From mr. Go home. She could sing, had some moves ;not bad of a dancer she could follow along. But When she came on that stage and said

"Get ready For ms Tiffanie Rockstar Anderson!"

he knew if nothing else she was without a doubt great for T.V

She came home screaming to the top of her lungs

"Yeeeeessss mom! I know I am going to be on this show!"

   Her mom who was cooking dinner but stop what she was doing and yelled

"Omg pumpkin that's great! Omg they picked you as a finalist?"

     "Well we are not there just yet..." She admitted

 "But I got to do a video interview tomorrow and they want to see if I can handle being on T.V."

She continued talking as she sat down at the kitchen table. 

" Hey did You know there is no t.v or radio at the house they film the show at? And we cant go outside during the competition unless its show related? Can you believe that mess?" 

  Her mom eyes grew wide

"What? You cant go outside? what kind of t.v show is this?" she demanded

Tiffanie opened up the envelope and looked over the questionnaire she had to fill out.

"See look at these questions....can you deal with being closed in a house with several girls you do not know?

or Are you clausterphobic, germaphobic.....omg Homophobic??

These questions are crazy mom!"   

Her mom nodded her head a little worried

"Yea they are! Why they got to know all that? And what that got to do with singing?" 

Tiffanie shrug

   "I don't know I guess... they want to weed out the weirdos you know? Make sure nobody goes coo coo for cocoa puffs or stabs somebody!"

Tiffanie laughed ...her mom looked at her unamused

 "Tiffanie that's not funny! What if one of those girls is crazy? Or Tries to sabotage you...or something crazy.

 You know this is Holly weird we talking about."                                       

   "Mom relax please....don't worry about that. With all these weird questions, I'm sure they weed out all the killers and weirdos out tomorrow."

  She continued reading the questions while snacking on some chips.....Her mother smiled

  "Well hopefully not all the weirdos"

She said pointed at her with a spoon.

"Mom! really!" She laughed

"Tiff I'm just kidding they are going to love you. I just want to be sure you can handle those camera's ....being in your face 24/7. Hopefully you can atleast be able to call home on the phone...its a lot more to think about pumpkin."  

   "I know....ma.....I know."                                                                                                                       

    As she continued to read everything her mom was right! Being on reality t.v came with a lot of rules and breaking them had serious repercussion; even liable to be sued! But she wouldn't let that scare her off. Cause anything worth having would be a challenge. And who else would be more entertaining on t.v then Rock star Anderson! She thought.

   Besides she felt blessed just to get a second interview...Mr. Go home was rough on everybody and didn't nearly anybody. So She felt she needed to be even more on her A game tomorrow....this was more then just a chance to be on T.V......this was her dream at stake.....to sing....to be famous...and to perform all over the world.....she could almost see it coming true...it was real.....she had a chance to be the superstar she always knew she would become. This is her moment.

She looked over to her mom and gave her a hug and said

"I love you mommy....."

Awww Her mother hugged back "

"I love you too pumpkin....my future star."                                                                                                                                

            The next morning Tiffanie got up bright and early and headed down to the Pluto Hotel for her video interview. There were at least 100 girls sitting in that ballroom....some of the girls she remembered from the day before, but she was more amazed at how small the amount of people there were compared to 1000's there were yesterday. It was becoming nerve wrecking which was odd for her. And it didn't help when some girls came from out of the audition area crying.....it was bugging her out.  soon she was took out of her zone when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

       She turned around to see a beautiful brown skin girl with red lipstick and jet black hair asking

   "Hey do you mind if I sit next you?"

"Sure" Tiffanie chimed moving over in the think metal chairs.

" I remember you from yesterday you did good." Tiff told the young girl

"Omg thank you....you did too you killed that whitney song. I mean blew me away.

"I'm not surprised your back." Tiffanie beamed

"Omg thanks girl.....I'm Tiffanie nice to meet you."

"Keisha nice to meet you too."

  The two chatted for awhile until  Tiffanie was called into the room after a half hour of waiting.

    As she walked in She saw Robin Antin sitting there and was taken a back. She thought she be interviewing with some behind the scenes people; she didn't think she be meeting Robin antin in the flesh. She started hyperventilating and having a whole omg moment.

   "Omg is that Robin!

  Hey Robin omg I just love you and what you did with the pussycat dolls omg....omg."

Robin waved from her chair and said

 "Okay its nice to meet you too...but I'm a need you to breathe okay.....breathe."

 Feeling sheepish she quickly calmed down

"Oh sorry I just got excited I am ready....I'm ready! like.....yeah."

    Damn she felt like a fish out of water. It was one thing to sing in front of a producers....another thing to do it in front of the one who will pick you! She began fidgeting as they asked her name and she danced a little and sang a little and answered a million questions. Afterwards she was asked to have a seat outside and wait awhile.

   The whole interview was a blurr she was so nervous In there that she was frowning as she exited the room.

She went back over to Keisha.

 "Omg Tiff are you okay? What happened?"

 She asked concerned... Tiffanie fault back a tear and said

 "O my god I don't know what the hell I was doing in there. I wasn't ready to see robin and I kind of froze and blanked out at some questions....the camera was scary and I think I was rabbling on and on and on....

She kept rocking in her seat as she talked.

      "At first I was excited, but then I looked at their faces and one of them said

 "jesus is this girl foreal?" and Robin went yeah really?

  "At that point I think I over did it. The singing was fine I'm good with that but my dancing....I think... they were laughing at one point.......god....did I blow my shot?"  

 Keisha hugged her and said

  "Oh god no...you sounded great from out here. And I think they were laughing because you were funny....laughing with you....not at you."

 Tiffanie said "Do you really think so?"

 "Yes. Now calm down and put that smile on your face cause you and I will be making the finals....we are getting in that house." Tiffanie jumped up and said "Yeah...we are going to make it....I can feel it."                                                                                                                                                   



 Although day 2 wasn't nearly as crowded as the day before, It was still was very dragged out. Millions of questions....singing; not to mention they dance everybody's feet off. Natalie was beat  by the end of the day. The number of girls went from 100 to about 30 in a matter of hours

  Natalie was excited most of the day because Robin Antin was there and she noticed that she didn't take her eyes off her during the dance portion and even the sing off.

   But what really caught her attention was a petite black girl name Chrystina. She was dancing beside her all day and Natalie loved how cute she was dressed and how well she could sing. She was quick to tell her after the dance off

  "Girl you good I'm a be your friend!"

 hahahaha!!! Chrystina laughed and swung her medium length dark brown hair.

 "Thanks...your not to bad yourself girl work it!"

  After that Robin shouted to the 30 girls and said

    "Okay ladies! Great job and thank you....for auditioning for PCD presents: Girlicious. We'll be in touch with everyone one of you in a month. You will get a call no matter if you make it on T.V for the top 15 or not. So stay by your phones....and good luck to you all."

   The girls clapped and cheered and waved bye to robin as she left the ballroom. It had been a long day starting at 9am ending at 7pm. Natalie grabbed her bag and said to Chrystina

   "Hey do you live in LA I forgot to ask?" She shook her head

"No but I want to move here eventually. I'm from san diego but I'm here with my aunt while I audition....but my dad is coming to get me tomorrow afternoon."

   "Aww dang!" Natalie pouted....

 "I was trying to see if you were down to get some food or something. But I don't want to hold you up though." Chrystina beamed with excitement

 " Are you kidding me I definitely want to hang out before I got back home. Ive literally done nothing since I been here."

  Natalie grabbed her hands

     " Girl then you got to come out. My dad let me borrow the Jeep. I'll drop you off so you can get changed and swing back to hang out. You down?"

"Hell yea I'm down! Lets go."   

    The girls grabbed their stuff and hopped in the car and turned on the AC....

    Natalie relished in the cool air hitting her skin.

    "Oooohh yes...that is nice. They kicked our butts today didn't they?"

 "They did" chrystina replied.

     Soon Natalie's phone was ringing and of course it was Mia. They had been calling her since yesterday but she wanted to focus on the audition before dealing with them. But I guess she had to face the music eventually so sha answered the phone asking Chrystina for a moment.

She answered her phone while driving

  "Hey Mia wasup?"

"Don't hey Mia me, why haven't you returned any of my calls or the girls calls? We waited at the diner all day for you?"

Natalie rolled her eyes

   "Look I was busy all today and yesterday I couldn't meet you guys....do...you mind calling me back I'm driving?"  Mia sounded irritated on the phone

  "No I cant call you back! we cant keep ignoring each other. Fight or no fight we are friends after all right?"    Natalie sighed

   "Of course; you guys are my girls....but we gotta be real nobody has been serious about the group in a while....and you taking things out on me? What was that about?"

   Before Mia could answer she remembered Chrystina was in the car and said

  "Look I promise I will call you guys tomorrow okay...." mia growled

  "Fine....call me back Natalie!" And hung up.

   Natalie threw her phone in the back seat and shook her head. Chrystina looked at her

 "trouble with your friends?"

   Natalie looked over at Chrystina and sighed.

 "Yea....but honestly...I really don't want to focus on that. What you and I are doing can be a life changer. That is what matters right now." Chrsytina nodded in Agree...

   "Yeah totally...I wasn't sure if I had what it takes outside of just singing....but now I feel like I really have a shot at this.....You too Natalie; Your amazing. So don't let whatever is going on bother you too much. Lets stay positive and pray we make it to the top 15."

   Natalie Smiled...she was genuinely happy that she bumped into Chrsytina.  She was right....This was a chance of lifetime....If she made it onto the show she'd have to quit the group anyway. And honestly they hadn't done much in a long while...If she didn't make it...maybe she give it another go...maybe. But deep down she hoped to make into girlicious. This wasn't a show at a community center; this was the big time. This was go big or go home. She was determined to to make it all the way to the end....and nobody would get in her way.

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