Diary of Girlicious

(Disclaimer I do not own girlicious or pcd this is fanfiction and all done in fun. This is fiction but some things are based off the show and some real facts but this is fiction none the less. Just for entertainment :)

They were supposed to be the next big Girl group like the Pussycat dolls. They were 4 talented girls who were fierce, sexy and independent. We got to watch them come together as a group before our eyes but as quickly as they streaked through the sky like a star....Girlicious was over? What happened to them? What didn't we see during the show? From hating each other during the taping of the show, from inner problems during their rise to fame. So many questions like "Why weren't they promoted in the US as planned?" "Why kick Tiffanie out of the group?" "What really happened with Natalie's Drug possession charge?" Find out now in the Diary of Girlicious


1. Auditions In LA



     "You've got this nat...just breathe....okay....just do you...show those people in there that "you" have what it takes to be one of the girls for this group. You....are...a star. Okay......You...are a star."  

​   Natalie Mejia...a 19 year old Mexican American beauty from Diamond Bar California; who was ready to do anything that needed to be done to show the producers of the pussycat dolls present: GIRLICIOUS. That she deserved to not only be one of the girls to star on their reality show contest; but also be one of the girls to be in the group itself. She didn't want to just make it into the house...she wanted to win the whole enchilada. She was going to be just like Nicole Scherzinger she felt. "She's the lead singer of the pussycat dolls and I will be the lead singer of Girlicious." She continued telling herself. She had too if she was going to wow them. Cause even though she radiated beauty and confidence; deep down she still was very nervous. And the longer she was forced to wait, the more self doubt she felt especially about her vocal ability. She wasn't the greatest singer in the whole wide world; no Whitney or Mariah no. But she was sultry and beautiful and could dance any of these other girls out of their socks. And from watching the show last season....Robin Antin the creator of PCD looooooved a great dancer; especially a sexy Latin. So she would use her sex appeal and dance moves to her advantage. She had to...Although most of these chicks that showed up couldn't execute the cha cha slide without fumbling; Damn.....some of these girls could blow she thought. She could sing yes...she could hold a tune...similar to JLo. But some of these girls were amazing...and could make Whitney nervous. No Fucus she chanted you are just as good.

​   This was the first leg of auditions. In groups of 10 they were called up and when they called your number they shouted for you to "Sing" and the girl would start singing. Then they asked you "Dance!" They play a pcd song and you danced. After that.....one of the producers came up on stage then said...."see you tomorrow....go home....go home see you tomorrow." So far the grumpy old producer seemed to say "Go home" more then anything and even get a kick out of it....so Natalie knew she had to wow him....she needed that see you tomorrow.

     A few hours later a lady with a head set and a clipboard pointed at Natalie's section of girls and screamed "Listen we are running out of spots and we are not going to be able to see all of you....so these two roll of girls come on stage....everybody else. Thank you for waiting so patiently but unfortunately we wont be able to see you guys. Thank you...enjoy the rest of your day. You girls come on." 

  When Natalie saw that her roll and some girls behind her were chosen, she was so relieved that she had gotten hear earlier then them. Her dreams could of been squashed simply by sitting in the wrong section of the theater. "This is fate" she said aloud "Destiny Its now or never." So as the girls all lined up accordingly she pulled out a mini mirror to check to see if her Blush Pink lipstick had faded...."Nope...Perfect" She whispered as she pressed her finger lightly on her lips. then she looked at her jean romper and slightly smoothed out any creases. She was ready no doubt

    As they walked onto the stage about twenty deep; they lined up quickly and soon the grumpy producer Mr. "Go Home" walked out and examined them a he walked back and forth. He seemed to stop at Natalie a little longer then others....and Natalie gave him a sultry smile...and oddly he smiled back. The man hadn't smiled all day but Natalie was able to charm old Grumpy cat with a mere smile. Her confidents shot up from this...and she knew she was going to kill it.

  "Ladies...." Mr. Go home began "I got to say I wasn't surprised to see that most of these LA girls weren't that great. A lot of beautiful faces...but I'm looking for more then just someone hot for t.v! I'm looking for a dancer, singer, star quality the whole package. If you don't impress me...i'll simply say go home....if you intrigue me....its see you tomorrow. first thing tomorrow morning 9 am sharp; are we clear!"

   "YES!!!" They all shouted....."You, sing!" He pointed at a girl on the far right "Does it have to be a pussycat doll song?" she said softly "Go home." He spat back at her making her jump...she quickly exited the stage fighting back tears. Mr Go home looked back at us and said "I don't have time for questions....just do it! You sing" 

   One by one girls were asked to sing and dance....and one by one everyone was being sent home.... Natalie's heart was pounding harder then ever in her entire life. But she be damned if she show any fear...this guy hated fear and could smell it a mile away. Slowly he got closer and closer to Natalie....and one by one the girls began to disappear. Soon it was only 6 of them left, and out of the twenty girls that were there only two got asked to come back tomorrow. And finally those words were said

   "Hey Ms Lopez!" Pointing directing at Natalie...."I want you to sing Feeling Good....and Go!" 

"Birrrds flying higggggh...

you know how I feel....."

She turned to him and looked dead in his eyes

"Sun in the skkky you knoooow how I feel....."

She slowly walked closer to him.

"Breeeeze drifting on by you know how I feel.

Its a new dawn, its a day....its a new life forrrrrr meeeee......

and I'm feeling......goooood.....Are you???"

  Mr. Go home raised an eye brow and said

   "Very nice....now dance now! Lets see if you can dance as well as you look."

  The music to Beep began to play which Natalie smiled about....Fate! She had memorized some of the dance moves from the video and she strutted in her knee high boots and starting dancing to the beat of "bump bump bump, bump bump bu bu bu bump!"

    Her hips swayed her hair swung and she got lost into the music....this was her element this was her moment.....Mr Go home found it hard to keep his composure.....his mouth was ajar and his eyes fixated on her curvy body. She was a hell of a dancer...you couldn't take your eyes off her.

"Stop!" Mr Go home shouted to the d.j and the room grew quiet. For a moment Natalie forgot where she was and quickly straightened up and smiled at Mr Go home.

"Damn girl....what is your name again?"

"Natalie Mejia" she said calmly

"Well ms Mejia....I'm impressed and I'll see you tomorrow at 9am" 

She jumped up and down as she exited the stage

"Yesssss thank you, thank you so much....omg"

As she exited the stage the lady gave her a pass and a large envelope saying:

"Okay now listen fill out this form tonight. Answer every question as honest as you can and don't leave anything blank. Tomorrow will be a video interview where you will need to sing, dance, answer questions and we'll see how you will do in a reality t.v setting. Be at this hotel with this pass tomorrow alright and don't be late."

  " I wont I promise....I promise YEESSSS!!!!"

Natalie screamed as she ran out of the theater feeling like a million bucks. The first thing she wanted to do was call her mom! She had been working so hard for this very moment and nobody in the world deserved to hear the news before her. But as she walked over to her fathers Jeep that she borrowed...her Razor flip phone showed that she had missed messages from her current group "Breathe"

  She listened to the messages and all three girls had called individually....first Trina

"Natalie where are you? Are we going to have our group meaning today or not call me back!"

Next was Gloria

"Mami ive been texting you all day we were supposed to meet up at the diner...to talk about the group."

And lastly Mia

"Look I know we haven't been as consistent lately as a group, but we really need to talk. We started this group a year ago and just because we've had some disagreements doesn't mean we should give up on it. Call one of us back Nat. We waited all day for you hit me up."

   Natalie deleted all three messages and the number of "where are you text" that they sent. All the sudden her happiness was slowly beginning to sour. As she sat in her Jeep she thought about her group Breathe...they had performed and sang all over California in hopes of getting discovered. Even opening up for Sean paul once which they hoped would  be their big break. But as time went on with no record deal insight; the girls began to cancel rehearsals and not take it as serious as she did. And Mia.....mia....she wanted to sing more leads....and honestly Natalie had the stronger presence so their team chose her....but now it was turning into jealousy....She couldn't help that she was powerful on stage. But mia took it out on her and stormed off one rehearsal saying

"All you do is think about yourself! You want to be Jennifer lopez or Selena! and we just your back up!"

 Yea...that day was ugly and they haven't really gotten together as a whole since.

   That's why when this audition popped up Natalie jumped at the shot of a life time....but now her group was calling.....And they didn't even know she auditioned for this. How were they going to feel about her joining another group? Her triumph was turning into the hardest choice of her life. Her career...or her Friends?




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