Gone Wild (M.G.K. fanfic)

Odessa tries to not be the girl she once was. She promised her mom to turn over a new leaf now that they've moved out of their old house.
They needed the move.
But when she crosses path with a tatted boy who's a major troublemaker and forces her to be who she's used to being, it's hard to live up to your own expectations.
Can she manage one year without the chaos? Or is that just who she is?

I dedicate this story to @Get In Style for giving me this story. I find it a true honor because I'm a huge fan of Machine Gun Kelly and she thought it'd be best to give it to me. So thank you, @Get In Style, for allowing me to continue this story!


Author's note

This story, for now, is on hold, so readers, please be patient with me as I try to continue it when I can. Thanks!


12. Ten

When I sit down in Mercedes and I's table at lunch, I look at her and she's currently furiously typing away on her phone. Usually, she looks up and says hi to me. I raise an eyebrow.

"Uh, Mercedes?" She hmms at me. I squint my eyes at her. Then I grin when I think of an idea.

"Oh my gosh, Alex is walking this way!" I fake cry. Mercedes almost throws her phone as she coughs after taking a sip of her water.

"Ohmygosh, for real?!" I laugh and shake my head. She frowns and hits me across the table.

"That's not funny!" Alex is a boy she's crushing on. She's been crushing on him since her freshman year. She scowls at me as I attempt to control myself. When I'm finally done laughing, I turn my attention back to her.

"Now that I have your attention, who are you texting so hard?" She picks up her phone.

"There's word going around that there's a party tonight. You coming?" I roll my eyes.

"Nah, I'm not. Kells has texted me-" Mercedes almost spits water out of her mouth again.

"Wait, Kells? As in the Kells?" I look at her weirdly and nod.

"Uh, yeah?" She points at me.

"Since when were you and Kells talking? And when did y'all start texting each other?" I shrug.

"Remember when I told you that I met him the day before I started school? At McDonald's?" She nods.

"Well, that's when I got his number. He asked me for it. Then there was one day in class when I had told him that I don't go to parties anymore and do all that stuff and he made a bet with me saying that if he was able to get me to go, I have to jump in some luxurious hotel's pool naked. And then not too long ago, he texted me, asking me if I wanted to go to this party tonight and I told him no." She nods.

"Y'all are becoming the new talk around school." Then she wiggles her eyebrows at me. I just shake my head as I try to not smile.

"We're not becoming anything. I just moved here, I'm not really looking for a relationship. Besides, I've had bad relationships before, I feel like he'd add stress to me because he's a flirt." Mercedes nods.

"Yeah, he is a bit of a flirt. Hey, will you please go to this party tonight?" I shake my head.

"No, I told Kells that I wasn't going, I'm not going." I look up at her when she wasn't answering and she has her bottom lip jutted out, giving me the puppy eyes. I roll my eyes.

"Oh, my gosh, Mercedes. Stop."

"But, pleaseeee? I heard that Alex is going to be there. If I'm going to be at the same party as Alex, then I'm definitely going." I shrug.

"So why do you need me to come?"

"Because if I embarrass myself, I'm going to need someone to pull me out before I do something I'll regret." I sigh. She leans across the table and gets in my face, giving me the puppy eyes again. I roll my eyes.

"Okay, okay! Only if you'll stop doing that. You look like you're constipated." She sits back down and laughs.

"Thanks, chica. You the best." I shake my head.

"I better be the best." We finish our lunch, as I listen to Mercedes talk about how hot Alex is.

 - - -

I make it home and walk into the kitchen. I drop my bag onto the floor.

"Mom?" I call out. When I don't hear her response, I notice a note on the counter. I walk up to it and pick it up.

Hey, O.D.
I'm out with some new friends.
I'll probably be home late, so
please don't throw a party at 
our new house.
Love you! <3

I laugh when I read the part about throwing a party. I've thrown many parties at my old house, but there was one night when my mom came home during the party. She threatened to call the police on everyone. I was in so much trouble. I grab my phone from my back pocket and decide to text her to let her know what I'm doing.

Me: Hey mom. Just letting you know that I'm going to a party tonight, but I promise I'm NOT going to drink. I'm only going because my friend had asked me. Promise I won't be out late. You be safe tonight. Love you! xo

Mom: Okay, honey. Thanks for checking up on me. Be careful! I'm counting on you. Love you too!

I head upstairs and find an outfit for this party. I decide to be simple and put on a white tank top and change my jeans into denim skinny jeans. I keep my hair in my low bun and put my Addidas shoes on. I text Mercedes, letting her know that I'm ready. She texts me back saying 'okay' and that she'll be at my place in a few. 

I sigh as I sit in my living room and wait for Mercedes. I can't believe I agreed to go, I think.

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