Gone Wild (M.G.K. fanfic)

Odessa tries to not be the girl she once was. She promised her mom to turn over a new leaf now that they've moved out of their old house.
They needed the move.
But when she crosses path with a tatted boy who's a major troublemaker and forces her to be who she's used to being, it's hard to live up to your own expectations.
Can she manage one year without the chaos? Or is that just who she is?

I dedicate this story to @Get In Style for giving me this story. I find it a true honor because I'm a huge fan of Machine Gun Kelly and she thought it'd be best to give it to me. So thank you, @Get In Style, for allowing me to continue this story!


Author's note

This story, for now, is on hold, so readers, please be patient with me as I try to continue it when I can. Thanks!


8. Six

*WARNING: this story is short


I hear the back door close. I open my eyes and look at the time on my phone. It reads 7:50 pm. Damn, I slept that long? I think. I get up and head downstairs. My mom is in the kitchen, taking her heels off. I lean against the counter with my arms crossed and grin.

"Rough first day?" I ask. She looks up and gives me a lazy grin.

"Girl, yeah. I do a lot of walking. My feet are killing me. How was your day?" I shrug.

"It was alright." She gives me a look.

"Alright as in it was great, or alright as in it was terrible?" I shrug again.

"It wasn't the best. I think I made a new friend." She smiles.

"See? I told you this won't be so bad. What's her name?"

"Her name's Mercedes. She's very nice and pretty." She smiles.

"Well, that's good. One good thing that came out of this day." She grabs her phone and starts dialing numbers before placing it near her ear.

"Who you calling?" I ask, washing my hands then grabbing string cheese out of the refrigerator. 

"I'm ordering Chinese food." I pump my fist.

"Yes!" She just chuckles and shakes her head.

- - -


As my mom and I finish eating our take-out food, I gather all the trash and clean our dishes. My mom squints her eyes at me.

"What do you want?" She asks. I frown.

"What do you mean?" She waves her hand forward.

"Well, clearly you must want something if you're cleaning without me having to tell you to." I smack my lips and roll my eyes.

"I'm cleaning the kitchen, Mom. I never said I wanted anything. Why don't you go lie down on the couch and get comfortable. I'm sure you're tired." She smiles at me.

"Love you, O.D." I smile back.

"Love you, too." When I finish washing the dishes and putting them up, I walk upstairs to my room. I lie on my bed and grab my phone, going through Facebook, Instagram, and all my other social media apps. Five minutes later, my phone rings, showing Kells' caller I.D. I roll my eyes. What does this boy want? I think as I press answer.


"Hey." His deep voice rings in my ears, causing me shudder. Did I mention that boys with deep voices are a major turn on?

"What's up?" I answer, attempting to calm myself.

"Not much. Wanna go to a party?" He asks. I grin.

"No, I don't. Remember, new leaf?" I hear his lips smack.

"You're still on that? Come on, it'll be fun. Who said you had to drink?" I shake my head.

"I don't want to go. Besides, I'm tired." He sighs.

"Are you sure I can't convince you otherwise?" I smile.
"I'm sure." I can hear the smile on his face as he answers back.

"Okay. This won't be the last time I'll ask something like this." I roll my eyes.

"Whatever." He chuckles.

"Night, Odessa." I smile.

"Night, Kells." Then I hang up. I turn over onto my back and look up at the ceiling. I quickly wipe the smile that was still on my face. You can't be caught up in him, O.D., I think. He's a player and he's no good and he'll cause you to go back to your old ways.

I nod. I can't be caught up in him, I think as I feel my eyelids closing, causing my vision to blur.



Sorry this chapter is so short. I'm a chapter behind since I didn't have one ready last week. Last week was just REALLY busy for me. This week was busy for me as well and I had other stories that I needed to get ready. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I'll try to make the other chapter longer. Thanks for reading! xo


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