Gone Wild (M.G.K. fanfic)

Odessa tries to not be the girl she once was. She promised her mom to turn over a new leaf now that they've moved out of their old house.
They needed the move.
But when she crosses path with a tatted boy who's a major troublemaker and forces her to be who she's used to being, it's hard to live up to your own expectations.
Can she manage one year without the chaos? Or is that just who she is?

I dedicate this story to @Get In Style for giving me this story. I find it a true honor because I'm a huge fan of Machine Gun Kelly and she thought it'd be best to give it to me. So thank you, @Get In Style, for allowing me to continue this story!


Author's note

This story, for now, is on hold, so readers, please be patient with me as I try to continue it when I can. Thanks!


2. One

"Odessa, let's go! The movers are ready to get going!" I hear my mom yell from downstairs.

"I'm coming!" I yell back, as I run my hands over the chipped, painted wall with all my memories. Writings fill the room from whenever I had friends over. We would write the crazy things, like who was the hottest dude at our school, who slept with who first, best friend notes. I smile as I read something, my friend, Shonte wrote:

"Odessa is the biggest, baddest 
bitch I know. 
But she's loyal and faithful and the
bestest friend a girl like me could have." 

I notice a tear slide down my cheek and I quickly wipe it away. You said you weren't gonna cry, so don't, I think. I sigh and grab the last box from my room and walk to my door. I turn around and look at what was my childhood room. Now, it's gonna be someone else's room. 

When I finally make it downstairs, I notice my best friend, Shonte, leaning on the walls of what used to be the living room. Now it's just a bare room. I place my box on the floor.

"Shon, what are you doin' here?" She scoffs.

"What, you thought I wasn't gonna say bye to my best friend since the third grade?" I smile and walk over to her and give her a hug. She hugs me back. When we finally let go, she has tears that are ready to fall. I catch myself getting teary-eyed too.

"Don't cry, Shon. It's already hard as it is. You know I won't be able to handle myself if you start crying." She nods and wipes her eyes.

"It just sucks that you gotta go. This town is gonna be boring than it already is." I laugh.

"Hey, it could be worse. I could be across the entire country. It's just Cleveland." She rolls her eyes.

"That's like eight hours away! And nobody has that kind of money to be driving eight hours to see someone."

"So, you wouldn't drive eight hours to see your best friend? I see how it is." She nudges me and I laugh. Then it gets quiet again.

"Well, my mom's waiting for me in the car." She nods and looks at her hands. 

"You'll call when you get to your new place?" I nod.

"I'll even facetime." She gives me a sad smile.

"I'm really gonna miss you." I give her another hug.

"I'm gonna miss you, too." I pick up my box from the floor and we walk outside. I hand the box to the moving man and he puts it in the truck. I look at Shonte who is standing by her car, watching me. I wave to her and she waves back. Then I get in the passenger side. My mom turns to me.

"Ready, O.D.?" I sigh and look out the window at my old house. 

"Ready." She pulls away from the house and I watch it as it gets smaller and smaller, until it's impossible to see anymore.


**Odessa's new house, middle blue one (above)

"Odessa, wake up. We're here." I feel someone nudge me. I open my eyes and sunlight blind me. I put a hand up over my eyes and sit up in my seat. I look out and see big skyscrapers. Woah. We drive by many more.

"What side are we on?" I turn and ask my mom. She glances at me before turning back to the busy traffic.

"We live on the East side." I nod.

"So, nothing new. The ghetto."

"Hey! There's nothing wrong with-" I cut her off.

"Mom, it's fine. I'm completely okay with livin' in the ghetto. At least that'll be familiar to me since we lived in the ghetto back home." My mom chuckles.

"There wasn't really a big difference in Fort Madison. The whole town was the ghetto. And it's a small town, too."

"I know. But we lived on the East side, too. There's a big difference." She shrugs. After being in traffic for twenty minutes we finally make it to our new house. It's way bigger than our old one. It's right in the middle of two other houses. The grass is neatly cut when we pulled up in the driveway. 

"This is nice, Mom." She smiles at me.


Right after we pulled up to the house, the moving truck parked across the street. We get out and walk up to the wired fence.

"Ooh, Mom. We have a porch!" I point out. She laughs.

"Yes, O.D. We do." We walk up the stairs and onto the porch.

"This is a major step-up from our old house," I say.

"Eh. It's not all that." I shrug and take the house keys from her and unlock the front door.

"Go ahead and pick your room, but be quick. I want our boxes in the house before it gets dark." 

"Okay," I call out. I walk in and look to my right. There's a nice size room that could be the living room. Straight ahead, is the kitchen. It's not big, but has nice space and leads out to the backyard, that's pretty big enough for a pool. When you walk into the kitchen, to my right, is, I'm guessing, the dining room. It's small but big enough for a family size dining table. I walk back to the entryway and head upstairs. There are three bedrooms, and one of them is in the front of the house. It's bigger than the other two. There's also a bathroom. I walk back downstairs to see my mom and the moving men placing boxes all over the place.

"Mom, I found my room," I tell her. She places a big box down and wipes her forehead.

"Good. Now, all your boxes are what's left in the moving truck. Go get them and start unpacking. Then you can help me unpack everything else." I sigh. This is the worst part, I think. 

After grabbing the last box for my room, I set it down and look around. Parts of my bed and my mattresses are leaning on the wall, my dresser, my desk, and my TV are in one corner, and my boxes are all over the place. Time to unpack, I think.



Right now, I'm just transferring everything that she wrote into here. The next real chapter will be published on Saturday.


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