Gone Wild (M.G.K. fanfic)

Odessa tries to not be the girl she once was. She promised her mom to turn over a new leaf now that they've moved out of their old house.
They needed the move.
But when she crosses path with a tatted boy who's a major troublemaker and forces her to be who she's used to being, it's hard to live up to your own expectations.
Can she manage one year without the chaos? Or is that just who she is?

I dedicate this story to @Get In Style for giving me this story. I find it a true honor because I'm a huge fan of Machine Gun Kelly and she thought it'd be best to give it to me. So thank you, @Get In Style, for allowing me to continue this story!


Author's note

This story, for now, is on hold, so readers, please be patient with me as I try to continue it when I can. Thanks!


6. Four


"Oh, it's you. Sassy mouth." I glance up and it's that tatted boy from McDonald's yesterday. 

I nod my head at him.

"Hey." He shifts his body to where he's facing me and he's leaning on the wall. He has a grin on his face.

"You look cute." I roll my eyes at him, but grin. He's wearing a pair of black jeans with a pair of Timbs on. He has a blue plaid shirt and a darker shade of blue jacket over it.

"You look nice too." He smiles.

"Well, thank you." The late bell rings and the teacher walks in. He sighs.

"Listen. We all know each other. You know me, I'm not big on rules. Just don't be on your phones when I'm talking and don't talk when I'm talking. I honestly don't know what else to do, so just converse with each other, but be quiet." I raise my eyebrows.

"That's it?" I say, more to myself.

"Yeah, Mr. Mcghghy is a chill teacher. He's kinda lazy, but he's funny and everyone likes him." I take my phone out and continue texting my friends in the group chat.

Gucci Gang

Me: My second block teacher is so chill. He's literally letting us talk and basically do whatever.

Sandra: WTF?? I have Mrs. Peterson and she's already boring me with her four-page paper of class rules.

Damion: hahaha! Glad I dropped out of school. Y'all are lame.

Maurice: Stfu D. Drop-out Dummy

Shonte: Ohhhhhh!! He killed you!

Damion: I'll beat your ass Maurice

Maurice: Beat me daddy.

Damion: Man I knew you were gay!

Maurice: HAHAHA

Shorty: Man wth??

I snicker. The tatted boy turns and looks at me.

"What's so funny?" He asks.

"Oh, it's just my friends back home." He leans forward.

"So, Sassy Mouth, do you have a name?"

"It's Odessa."

"Odessa... That's a cute name." I blush a little.

"What's yours?" 


"What's it short for?"

"Nothing. I just like the name Kells." I frown.

"So what's your real name?" He grins.

"I can't tell you."

"Why not?" He shrugs.

"Cause it's lame."

"Just say it." He shakes his head.

"Nah." I roll my eyes and return my attention back to my phone. Go onto my Snapchat and see what others are posting.

"Where are you from?" Kells ask me.

"Waterloo, Iowa." He whistles. 

"I've always wanted to go there." I wrinkle my eyebrows.

"Why? It's so dangerous there." He shrugs.

"I don't know. Why is it so dangerous?"

"Because kids get kidnapped there, drugs, gunshots. I had to be careful whenever I went outside at night, or sometimes during the day." He nods.

"I still wanna go there." I get back on my phone and start scrolling through Twitter this time. 

"I like your tattoos," Kells says. I glance at my knuckles. 


"Are those the only tattoos you have?" He asks. I shake my head.

"No, I have some on my arms." I glance at his arms. His sleeves from his jacket her pushed up so I was able to see some of his tattoos that were on his forearms.

"I like your tattoos." He rotates his arms and grins.

"Thanks." We sit in silence for a little bit before Kells speaks again.

"So are you a bad girl?" I sigh, knowing this question was going to be asked soon.

"No," I answer. He raises an eyebrow.

"You're lying." I chuckle.

"I did some stupid stuff and my mom wants me to not be that girl anymore. I stressed her out a lot. So I've turned over a new leaf and I'm not going to be that type of girl." He snorts.

"Yeah right. That's what they all say. I bet I can get you to do stuff that you used to do." This time, I raise an eyebrow.

"Oh really?" He nods.

"Okay. Bet." He reaches a hand out to me and I shake it.

"It's a deal."

"What's the punishment if you do? Even though I know you won't." He rubs his chin like he's thinking.

"Well, you have to go skinny dipping at The Ritz-Carlton hotel. It's the most luxurious hotel in Cleveland and whenever my friends and I make bets and the punishment is to go skinny dipping, we always do it at that hotel." I frown.

"Why that hotel?" He grins.

"Because there's always a security guard that chases us out. So not only do you have to skinny dip, but you have run naked through the hotel." Then he starts laughing. I roll my eyes but end up laughing as well. Then he stops laughing and stares at me. I look around to see if he's really staring and he is.

"What?" I ask.

"You're cute." I can feel my face burning a little. I play it off though and raise an eyebrow and smirk.

"So now you're hitting on me?" He chuckles.

"No, I'm just stating the obvious." I smile a little.

"Well, thank you." Before he could speak again, the bell rings. Everyone starts getting up and walking out the classroom. I get up and walk out, seeing Mercedes leaning on the wall. She sees me, smiles, and waves me over. I smile back and walk over to her. Before I can show her my schedule, I feel a hand on my arm. I turn around and it's Kells.

"Would it be too much if I asked to have your number? Or does that make me a player?" He asks, with a cute grin on his face. I roll my eyes and grin back.

"Sure." He pulls out his phone and I tell him my number. A few seconds later, I feel my phone buzz.

Unknown Number: Yo it's Kells.

I look up at him and smile. He smiles back.

"I'll see you around, Odessa," He says, using my real name. I smile and watch him walk away. Mercedes looks at me and then looks at Kells then back at me.

"You're messing with Kells?" She asks. I shrug.

"I'm not messing him. I met him yesterday at McDonald's."

"Mm. I saw you two flirting in class earlier." I shake my head as we walk.

"We weren't flirting. We were making small talk." She scoffs.

"Well be careful. Because Kells is a player." I keep quiet. Too bad she doesn't know that I like players, I think as we continue walking to our next class.



KOdessa are cutee!! And yes, I just shipped my main characters. What do you think of this chapter? Comment down below your thoughts. Thanks for reading! xo


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