Tragic love

Juliette Hunters is at college with her best friends and is enjoying her life. When Fire works on July fourth conclude in Juliette meeting the dashing Kian Smith her life is turned upside down. A phenomenal love story begins and Juliette rediscovers her worth and meaning.

#romance #coffee #boyfriend #love #sex


12. twelve

Everyone left late last night so when we all meet at school we look a state. I have my leather jacket with a fabric hood on and my black out sunglasses. My head pounds as I walk to biology. Kian has his hood up, ear phones in and sunglasses on.

"Sup dude." I say miserably as I sit next to him. He slowly takes his ear phones out and smiles.

"You're positively glowing, jew " he smiles cheekily.

"And you look drunk" I respond sarcastically.

"Correction, I'm hung over not drunk. I was drunk last night not presently." He smirks.

"Please forgive my false statement." I say dramatically with a hand on my heart.

"Consider yourself forgiven." He chuckles.

I sit down and lean into his arm, trying to sleep. Right now I didn't really care what we were, I was tired and he was strong. His smell was intoxicating and when ever he spoke I could feel his chest vibrate.

"Oi sleepy head, bells gone." Kian whispers, gently pushing me.

"I'm up." I groan as I stretch my arms above my head.

Together we walk towards next lesson happily chatting until

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