Tragic love

Juliette Hunters is at college with her best friends and is enjoying her life. When Fire works on July fourth conclude in Juliette meeting the dashing Kian Smith her life is turned upside down. A phenomenal love story begins and Juliette rediscovers her worth and meaning.

#romance #coffee #boyfriend #love #sex


2. Chapter Two

The fire work display was amazing. Bundles of colour bursting out into the sky and the loud bang u hear that stops your heart. I lie in bed staring at the ceiling. Who was that guy? Is he new? I’ve never seen him before and he spoke with a strange accent that I can’t put my finger on. As I try to figure it all out my eye lids get heavier and heavier until I’m in a coma like sleep.


I wake up at 6:40 with the sun shining through my blinds. I shuffle out of bed and twist the blinds,letting in shafts of light and then open the window. It’s a glorious day, the sun was out and the air was crisp. I walk over to my wardrobe and pull out a pair of black jeans and a white over sized adidas jumper. Slipping into my clothes I make my way to my dresser and put my hair into a messy tip not- pulling bits out to frame my face. I apply light make up and pull on a pair of adidas running shoes.

I trot down stairs and pour myself some coffee. “Good morning everyone” I say as I enter the dining room, where Jack is sorting his watch out, mum is eating toast with my dad and my little sister Chloe is playing with her barbie dolls. They all chirp a response and I drink my coffee while sorting out my bag for college. Some people live on site but because I live so close, why should I?

I jug the last part off coffee, pop some mint chewing gum in my mouth and leave the house. I walk to college with my head phones banging out the tune “I wouldn’t change ya oh oh no never ever try to make u leave no oh” Ever since I was little “Panic! At the disco” was one of my favourite bands.

I arrive to my English literature just before the bell and go and sit with my best friends, Josh, Liam, Abbey and Freya.

“Hey guys” I sing as I sit on Josh’s lap. I’ve know him for years and he’s my best friend- he’s also totally Gay and that’s why he’s my best friend. They all say the same typical response and we chat among ourselves until our professor claps his hands.

“Okay everyone today we have a new student, his name is Kian Smith.” He starts as he usher the boy into the class. I smirks to my self as he catches my eye and I can’t help but let of a giggle. But not the cute boy giggle but the totally amusing giggle u make because your laugh is to loud type of giggle. He’s the guy from last night!! Kian sits down two rows in front of me and every now and again looks up at me and smiles- I smile back.

At the end of class, while I pack my things up Kian hovers in front of me.

“Oh hey Juliette” he says trying to act super surprised.

“Wait who are u again” I say sarcastically.

“I believe I’m the dashing chap that tried and failed to flirt with u last night”

“Ohhhh that guy” I smile, slipping my bag over one shoulder.

“Yeah and this guy has physics next and has no idea where he’s going”

“What room is this guy in?” I say as we leave for the door.

“456” he looks at me full of hope.

“Ah good! Freya has that class” I say as I call to her.

“Wait no.. I..” he stammers. I look at him laugh and ditch him with Freya.

“Until next time Smith” I laugh as I run and catch up with Josh, Liam and Abbey. We walk in a complete opposite direction to Kian and Freya and I can’t help but look back at his cute butt slinking away towards physics.

“So who’s the new guy?” Josh links his arm in mine as we drop of Abbey and Liam at their French and us heading to Art.

“I’m not sure. I met him last night, we didn’t really talk much but he seems decent” I casually say trying to hide the excitement in my voice.

“Ah my dear little Jewel.... that boy is going to spin u upside down” he tilts his head back and laughs a little.

“Oh now shush” I chuckle as we go into our art class.


After art we met the gang-and Kian- behind the Math block for breaks. This is our usual hang out as no one ever comes down here anymore. There’s a patch of grass that I always sit on to observe Liam and Josh’s routinely wrestling match. They fight on a larger patch of grass and always end up hurting themselves.

“How was the wonders of Physics” I say to Kian taking a bite out of his cheese sandwich, walking over to my spot.

“Phenomenal” he responds through a mouth full of bread and cheese.

“The joys of learning” I laugh. Josh and Liam start tackling each other, Freya and Abbey laugh and snap chat the phenomenon. I sit down on the patch of grass directly in the sunshine.

“Modern society. Instead of getting involved, we snap chat. We don’t live in the moment we record them, so one day we can watch the memory in all its undeserved glory.” I look through Kians lunch box,as he sits down next to me,to find some grapes. I pop one in my mouth while he just stares at me. “Have I got something around my mouth?” I laugh.

“No, your just so beautiful and smart and I can’t wait till one day I make u my girlfriend.” He smiles and goes back to eating his cheese sandwich.

“And what makes u sure u can win me over” I say popping another grape in my mouth.

“Because I’m already a quarter way through”

“Oh really” I arch my brow.

“Really” with that he launches him self off the grass and dived into the wrestling match. I smile and finish of his grapes.

We stay out here for a while until the bell goes and we rush to our classes. Me and Kian have religious studies so we snake of to the lecture hall.

Religion was a bore. I sit in front of Kian in the hall and for the whole time I had Breanna, the university’s princess, asking who Kian was. By the end of it I was tired and could hear my bed calling my name.

“Want me to walk you home?” Kian asks as we leave the hall.

“Nah it’s okay see you tomorrow Smith” I wink and walk away leaving Kian standing in the corridor.


I was quick walking home and as soon as I got in I went straight up stairs and went to sleep. I woke up in the evening to a shocking surprise at my window...

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