Tragic love

Juliette Hunters is at college with her best friends and is enjoying her life. When Fire works on July fourth conclude in Juliette meeting the dashing Kian Smith her life is turned upside down. A phenomenal love story begins and Juliette rediscovers her worth and meaning.

#romance #coffee #boyfriend #love #sex


3. Chapter Three

I’m dreaming when I hear a tap on my balcony door. I shoot up and look out- no ones there. I slid my feet into my slippers and slowly waddle over. As I open the French door a small rock flys in and hits me on the head. I let out a distressed grunt and walkout into the night, wrapping my jumper (I never changed) around me tighter.

“What the...” I stammer and am met with Kians face staring up at me smiling.

“Hey Juliette” he sings.

“What?... How?” I look at him bewildered. There’s a sharp breeze and wince as it whips at my legs.

“Can I come up?”

“What no!” I say half laughing. I’m finding this quite amusing. He’s Romeo and I’m Juliette.

“Please! I’m freezing!”

“Urgh fine!” I say in defeat, “Go round to the front door and I’ll...”

Before I can finish my sentences, he’s climbed up the big oak tree in my back yard and is waltzing over one of the ticker branches.

“Okay now I need help” he says, having a glimpse of panic in his eyes. Luckily for him the branch is only a metre or so away from my balcony so I reach over and pull him in.

“Shhhh” I whisper leading him into my bedroom closing the door then locking my main door.

“So hear me out first.” He announces as he plonks himself on my bed feet dangling at the edge of my bed and his head on my pillows.

“Hear what out” I say siting at the end of the bed by his feet. I sit cross legged and my head in my hands.

“Okay so I was thinking. I’ve known you less than 24 hours and already know I want to be your boyfriend. And I also know that I’m going to win u over eventually. So I’m thinking we skip the intro and jump right to the climax.” He stares at me and a triumphant grin appears in his face.

“So your asking me if I wanna be your girl friend” I say looking at him bored.


“No” I say standing up and hid behind my curtains to slip into my pjs.

“What” he stands up.

“I said no. I’m not that easy. If u hadn’t figured out I’m not like most girls” I laugh as I step out from behind the curtain and he just stares at me.

“No u aren’t like most girls cause no one can rock lion king pjs like u” he laughs taking a step closer.

“Don’t diss my pjs” I say taking a step back hitting the balcony door.

“Juliette Hunters are u playing hard to get?” He slays taking a larger step toward me, now he’s only an inch from me. I can feel his hot minty breathe hitting my face.

“Yes. Yes I am” I slyly but my hand on my balcony door handle and unlock it.

“Hmmm” he ponders for a minute and then his lips brush against one and then more deeply. Surprisingly I kiss back, there’s an urgency between us like each kiss is out last. I grin between kisses and flip him over so his back is on the glass.

“Did u think it was that easy” I laugh, look into his eyes and kiss his cheek gently. Then I open the door and push him out. He stumbles backwards and then I lock the door. I can hear him laugh to himself and then he whispers something and jumps onto the tree branch and climbs down.

“Oh my gosh Jewel u are in so much trouble” I smile to myself. Kian is something different. He’s like a country I can’t wait to explore. All I know is that he is more that half way of winning me over...

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