Tragic love

Juliette Hunters is at college with her best friends and is enjoying her life. When Fire works on July fourth conclude in Juliette meeting the dashing Kian Smith her life is turned upside down. A phenomenal love story begins and Juliette rediscovers her worth and meaning.

#romance #coffee #boyfriend #love #sex


7. Chapter Six

I have to admit he’s warming up to me. It’s come to a point where when he isn’t around I feel uncomfortable. Josh picked it up first and now believes I’m going to marry Kian. Obviously I scoff at him. I can’t love Kian. Can I? It’s hasn’t been long enough surely?


We stay at the museum for a while until we’re all starving. Abbey suggests we go to this little lunch restaurant so we go there. The interior is a light pale green and the furniture is dark browns and greens. It reminds me of a tree funnily enough.

“Hi we’ll have 3 large cheese pizzas please” I smile to our server.

“It will be with you shortly” the boy smiles.

“So Kian are you trying out for any sports teams?” Liam asks.

“Yeah actually I’m trying out for football” Kian says taking a sip of his drink. I’m sat next to him and occasionally his leg brushed against me sending shivers up my body. Who knew Kian Smith could have that affect?

“Nice” Liam high fives Kian. He was already Captain if the team so Kian was defo getting on.

“So Juliette who are you bringing to the summer party?” Freya smiles leaning in. She’s playing Cupid.

“I’m going with you remember.” I glare at her.

“Change of plans I’m going with Liam” she smirks and then Liam winks at me. Urghh he’s in on it too!

I look across at Abbey who’s smiling mischievously and then at Josh who refuses to make eye contact with me. Kian looks at me flashing his pearly white teeth.

“Fine!” I moan and then he jumps up and chest bumps Josh and hugs Liam. He looks so excited and Abbey and Freya are laughing at how happy they all are.

“You’re an idiot.” Freya says while the boys go and get more drinks.

“How?” I day defensively.

“Seriously Jew Jew?!” Abbey says annoyed.

“That boy is perfect. He’s gorgeous and really really likes you. What’s wrong?” Freya says wide eyed. I’m about to respond but the food comes along with the boys. The whole time I’m eating the girls are wiggling their eye brows and Josh is grinning like the Cheshire Cat. When we’re finished we pay and then leave. Kian puts and arm around my shoulder and cant stop smiling.

“Stop smiling!” I say annoyed.

“Why?” He grins. I look at him seriously but his smile is contagious. I can’t help but smile when he’s around. Urghhhhh why does that boy have to be so charming?!

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