Tragic love

Juliette Hunters is at college with her best friends and is enjoying her life. When Fire works on July fourth conclude in Juliette meeting the dashing Kian Smith her life is turned upside down. A phenomenal love story begins and Juliette rediscovers her worth and meaning.

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9. Chapter Seven

So today is the four year anniversary of my best Friends death. She died when we were 15 because of cancer and I miss her everyday.

We did everything together. I was there when she took her last breaths. I was there when she was screaming in pain. I was always there. Today is a day I go through alone. My family know better than to speak to me and all my friends that know leave me alone.

I change into a pair of denim shorts and an old ‘Panic! At the disco” concert top that me and Sydney got together. It was too big for me so I tucked it in and paired the look with my white vanns. My hair is thrown into a messy pony tail and then I put my sunglasses on. Before I leave my room I grab my favourite book and my phone.

I waltz down stairs, going straight to my garden. Me and Sydney when we were 9, helped my mum plant roses in my front garden. Every year I pick up the same amount of roses as her age. This year, today to be exact, she should have turned 18. As I gather the roses a few tears spill down my cheeks at the though of her. God I miss her. Don’t get me wrong, Abbey and Freya are amazing girl-friends but Sydney became a sister to me. When she died I felt like a piece of me did too. As long as I live I will carry out this tradition. I will remember her. When I’m finished with the roses I get in my car and drive to the church. Sydney wanted to be buried at the top of the hill under the Apple tree that we used to love. Every year I walk up here and read our favourite book aloud. The book is called, “The general and his Labyrinth” To this day it inspires me and it changed my view of life.

Slowly I walk onto the church ground, book in hand. The church is a massive historic build surrounded by fields of head stones. It’s rather overwhelming to know how many dead sleep there; how many spirits live on. The sun was out today so I knew Sydney was with me. It is always sunny on her birthday, always. Even when she died on it, the sun still shone. This, at least, gave me hope. I walk through the fields and reach the Apple tree that stands alone. Sydney is the only one that rests here. She lies alone on the sunny hill with the shade of the Apple tree. It’s rather peaceful up here when it’s just you and the breeze.

“Hello Syd!” I laugh as I take a seat under the tree, resting against its trunk. I speak for over an hour about what the year had been like as if she could hear me. As if she was listening from the beyond. I tell her about Kian briefly because I know she’d roll her eyes if she was alive. Sydney would have told me to suck it up and do it. I needed to rip the band aid of and man up. That’s why she was my best friend.

The next hour is spent with me reciting “The General in his Labyrinth” until I can no longer stay strong. I burst into tears and sob my heart out.

“Why’d you have to leave me Sydney” I whisper as I brush away my tears. My sunglasses are on the floor and my shoes are kicked off.

“For you Syd” I smile sadly and then turn Panic! At the discos recent album as loud as it will go. I lie next to her grave, the sun biting down on my skin. I must have just lay there for hours because when I get up it already five o’clock.

“Till next time Sydney. I love you” I smile as new tears threaten to spill. I pull my shoes and sunglasses on, grab my phone and book and walk away. A burst of happiness always goes through me when I leave her. I smile uncontrollably filled with a joy. The type of joy I’d get when I was in her company. I take a detour when I’m in my car. I drive past the beach wanting to catch the last of the suns rays. I park my Range Rover and jump out. I walk onto the beach and sit down. A few dogs come say hello but that’s really it. Today I check my phone and like always on this I have no messages. Silently I thank them and then smile. Embrace life. Enjoy it before it’s gone. Those were the last words of Sydney Crofter and I’ll treasure them forever. I wait until I’m alone on the beach before I get in my car and drive calmly all the way home.

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