Tragic love

Juliette Hunters is at college with her best friends and is enjoying her life. When Fire works on July fourth conclude in Juliette meeting the dashing Kian Smith her life is turned upside down. A phenomenal love story begins and Juliette rediscovers her worth and meaning.

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5. Chapter Four

Today is Saturday so I stay in bed longer than I needed to. I waddle out of my room sleepily to find that everyone was out. Chloe had a play date, Jack had gone out with his girl friend and my parents were at work. For a fact I had at least until 6pm until they would even think about coming home. I phone Josh, Liam, Abbey and Freya and tell Liam to bring Kian- he was the only one smart enough to get his number. At 12:30 everyone shows up. I’m wearing denim shorts and a brightly coloured orange shoulder top with a pair of converse.

“Hey guys!” I cheer as I open the door to them. “Hey Jewel!” They all respond matching my enthusiasm.

“Drinks?” I gesture to the garden with a crafty smile.

“Defo!” They all scream. I pass them all a koperburg and we head out into the garden. Oddly enough the sun was out and it was scorching outside. I take a sit up against the trunk and put my legs of kian’s. Freya puts her head on Liam’s lap( they’re sorta a thing don’t ask) and josh and Abbey are sitting next to each other opposite me. Josh winks at me and I stick my tongue out playfully at him.

“So what’s your story?” I say to Kian.

“My story? Well... urgh I don’t have one” he shrugs.

“Oh come on! Everyone has a story” I kick him playfully.

“Well clearly not everyone”

“Yes. Everyone has a story and if u won’t figure it out, I’m going to.” He laughs at me and then him and Liam go and play football with a deflated ball.


That afternoon was wonderful. The sun shone all day and a gentle breeze had flew in. My parents had sent me a text saying they weren’t going to be back until the early ours of the morn and Chloe was sleeping at her friends. Jack? Probably screwing his girlfriend.

“Hey guys, sleep over at Mine?” I say getting up to get another drink. It was 5 now so I figured one more wouldn’t hurt.

“Ahh What a great idea Jewel!” Freya jumps up and grabs her phone to text her mum.

“Okay cool come back here say 7 and I’ll order pizza” I take a swig if cider and hug everyone goodbye but Kian sticks around a while longer.

“So..” He begins. I can see him blushing crimson.

“Kian about last night.” I cringe recalling the night our little make out session playing in my mind.

“No worries. One day I won’t have to be spontaneous anymore I’ll just be able to kiss u with out any back lash.” He smiles grabbing him self another cider.

“Oh Kian, darling, u are such an annoyance” I say rolling my eyes.

“A cute one” he winks and I smile.

“Okay I’m gonna go get ready for our.... SLEEP OVER!” He puts on his best girly voice and does a little squeel and jump.

“Oh god” I say shoving him out the door, “See u later” When he’s gone I go and tidy the kitchen, downing the last of Kians barley touched kopersburg and then his cider.

By the time they showed up, I could feel tonight would be eventful. I open the door and they’re all standing there with pizza and drink. I had already brought out loads of blankets and pillows into the living room and we all sat there laughing and drinking. We watched “Bad Grandpa” with Zac Efron in it, by the end we were all a bit tipsy and the pizza was demolished.

“Okay truth and dare outside now” Josh says wrapping himself in a duvet like a burrito.

“Yes!” My words were beginning to slur but I still composed my self and grabbed a glass of water. We sit out on the patio in the sofa thing, me cuddling into Kians arm and Freya and Liam resting on each other. Abbey and josh are now burritoed into the same duvet now looking cosy.

“Okay truth or dare” I say to Josh.

“Truth”he smiles.

“What’s your biggest regret” Freya says.

“My biggest regret is not going to Paris with Anthony.” A flash of sadness crosses over his face but is gone with in an instant.

Anthony was Josh’s boyfriend but when he had to move to Paris he asked josh to go with him. Josh had,obviously, said no, but he really loved him.

“Okay your turn!” Josh says happily, all traces of regret gone.

“Okay... dare!” I smile, taking a shot, that Freya had supplied. I stood up and wen and stood on the grass. By now I was the early stages of drunk.

“Kiss me” Kian says looking me dead in the eye. I smile mischievously and say, “ Come here then.” He walks over and stops in front of me I grab him by the neck and pull him into a kiss. His hands are wrapped around my waste and at the first the kiss is just a peck and then it suddenly becomes urgent. I kiss him more deeply our tongues inter twining. I hear a series of whoops and cheers from the others and I eventually break away and smile.

“Now will u be my girlfriend” he smiles like a child.

“No” I laugh and go and sit down.

The next few hours are filled with laughter and booze until finally the vodka stops flowing. We all clamber onto sofas and roll onto the floor and before I know it we’re all in alcohol comas. My head throbs with the thought of tomorrow’s hangover. Kian has gone top and tail with my on one of the longer sofas, Josh and Abbey have done the same while Liam and Freya are under a double duvet on the carpet.

If someone was to ask me wheat was my best day, Today would be it. I will never forget this day. The day all my friends got drunk. The day all my friends laughed outrageously.

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