Tragic love

Juliette Hunters is at college with her best friends and is enjoying her life. When Fire works on July fourth conclude in Juliette meeting the dashing Kian Smith her life is turned upside down. A phenomenal love story begins and Juliette rediscovers her worth and meaning.

#romance #coffee #boyfriend #love #sex


10. Chapter eight

When I get home four familiar faces beam at me. They’ve prepared pasta for us to eat and a bottle of wine is on the table. Six bowls of food and then extras lie out on the table outside. The suns last rays beat down onto it lazy and the smell of fresh grass is comforting. The atmospheres was lazy and calm. My mood lightens up at their level of kindness. These guys are really something.

“Hey jew” Liam smiles sadly. I can’t imagine what he’s going through. Liam was Sydney’s brother; That’s how I met her.

“Hey Lee” I say as I bring him into a tight hug.

“Right let’s start this feast!” I say trying to sound cheerful as I wipe a few stray tears away. Kian pulls my chair out making me smile and then sits opposite me. We all take our seats and raise our wine glasses.

“To Sydney. The best friend, sister and person that ever lived.” Abbey says and then Freya whispers, “Amen”.

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