Welcome, to hogwarts university!

This is the NEW form of hogwarts! Read of it and solve the mysteries inside!


1. welcome from the boy who lived!

I can't believe it! I'm here! At Hogwarts university! Oh, we're bout to get sorted, but I wonder, why did they change the name? "Mofoy, Sandra!" Ginny shouted. That was me. I walked up, father watching me from his spot, I thought, not Slytherin, please Gryffindor! "Difficult. You'd have done good in Slytherin, yes. No? Better be, GRYFFINDOR!" The hat bellowed. Father looked up set with the hat's decision, what ever though! "Try it again! I forbid my child be in Griffindor!" Father yelled at headmaster Potter, harry potter! "Sorry, mr. Mofoy. That's not an option. Oh well. Welcome to Hogwarts university! Try outs for Quiditch, in mr. Weasly's office, and let us begin the feast!" Professor potter yelled.

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