Dramione: a troubled relationship

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2. who are you

Harmione pov

Dear diary, Ron went insane! He found me crying last night! He asked why, and I answered him! I was like, "Draco!" He threatened him earlier to make me forget! I'm crying at the thought of this! Harry actually agrees! This, is heartbreaking! Why?! Omg, Draco is here!!! Bye, Harmione.


"Babe, I'm sorry." Draco said in tears. "Oh, what? Honey, tell me! Enough secrets! Tell me!" Harmione said, beginning to get angry. Draco looked up, a scar had just healed over his eyes. "I felt horrible for threatening you, so I cut myself. I love you." Draco sobbed. "Honey, never again! I forgive you, don't hurt yourself any more! Please." Harmione sobbed.

Draco pov

Dear journal, I cut myself! For Harmione! I felt bad, so I thought, why be unhurt, instead of hurt? What was I thinking? She loves me SO much, I only give her little pain, and respect! It's my turn! I love her!


"Hey babe!" Draco smirked. "Who are you? I'm Harmione!" Harmione said. Draco stared in horror at this. "What? I'm Draco, your boyfriend! Ron did this to you? Oh, here! Read your diary! This might help! Remember me, please!!!" Draco panicked.

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